WordPress Website Migration to AWS Cloud


Get Powerful Results with Unified Strength of AWS and WordPress Platforms

Migrate to AWS and leverage the benefits of AWS Cloudfront and Other AWS Services

WordPress (WP) today enjoys the hold of majority with 28% of the online business using the WP platform for posting blogs, e-commerce, and corporate websites. The CMS has transformed over the years giving a brand new horizon to the novice users in terms of building websites and management. However, WordPress has room for improvement to optimize the full strength of the platform.

Combining WordPress with AWS Cloud Platform can be bring you completely new experience and performance enhancement. In addition to powerful performance you can also optimize the cost of hosting servers.

Why Combine AWS and WordPress?

AWS has the world’s best cloud infrastructure that is highly scalable, secured and seamless to migrate any software platform without major hassles.
The distributed cloud server features and fully automated as well as management support from AWS, offers complete freedom of management and maintenance of servers to business clients.
Instead of charging per user/per server, AWS charges only for the amount of resources consumed and architecture.

Word Press to AWS Migration Package

Businesses want to migrate their existing WordPress platform to AWS but due to lack of AWS skills and cost-effective support, they postpone their plans. Viana Labs, the sister concern of WPonline Support, offers AWS certified consulting team to assist you with the entire WordPress migration to the AWS platform package.

By choosing this package, customers will avail hosting of WordPress website over AWS platform with configuration of EC2 + RDS + S3 + CloudFront + Security. Each AWS Service has its purpose and it important to choose the right set of services to get best results.



EC2 is the main server on which the WordPress website is hosted


RDS is the database in which the WordPress data is stored


S3 service is used for storing, syncing and serving all the images data on your website

AWS CloudFront

Caching frequntly requested content from S3 bucket instead of website server to optimize the loading speed and handle maximum traffic

AWS Security

AWS Security

Adding an extra layer of security to avoid unauthenticated admin access and prevent malicious activities using customer data

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