Why Startups Should Choose Serverless Technology For Their Business Infrastructure?


Why Startups Should Choose Serverless Technology For Their Business Infrastructure?

Serverless technology and Startups have strong bonding because it requires minimal investment, offers faster performance than on premise infrastructure and you can have all the required applications as per the business requirements. Be it CRM, emailing server, business systems or any other, you have the flexibility and convenience to choose the number of instances and services that you need. Some may thing ‘Serverless’ means some new technology that we are referring to, but we are talking about the cloud computing platform which does require servers but not on premises. Nor the companies have to go through the hassles of managing the servers as well as they do not have to worry about scaling up.

SO if we list down the benefits then we can write a full book over the serverless technology. There are many cloud computing platform vendors like Google, Azure and AWS which are highly regarded and popular in the market.

Clearing the Myths and Mists

Serverless technology was earlier used for software applications which used third party hardware or cloud hosted applications. These applications can be downloaded from cloud and upgraded automatically through internet connectivity and the authentication of the application is through cloud.

But with the evolving technology, there is another meaning of Serverlesss which refers to the cloud computing technology which involves IaaS, PaaS and SaaS methodologies. Major difference between the traditional architecture and cloud architecture is the hardware consumption and hosting is out of premises. The infrastructure is used by multiple players and gain maximum performance with minimum investment.

With the use of Serverless cloud based architecture, enterprises can customize their business applications as per their requirements using DevOps resources. Majority of companies have chosen AWS cloud platform and it is still the favorite choice of customers and developers over other players like Azure and GCP. In the below segment, we have covered the details of how serverless technology can play a vital role in enhancing your corporate business strategy and enhance the performance of infrastructure.

And there are companies which are moving to cloud to but unable to manage their cloud strategy efficiently. Here are some of the important points using which you can enhance your corporate cloud strategy effectively.

Increased Efficiency

There is lot of difference between deploying your own server and hiring a cloud computing server managed by third party providers. If you have your own server, you have to deploy, manage, run and maintain irrespective of the usage. With AWS cloud servers, the scenario is completely different. You just have to pay for the servers that you hire on rental and pay for only the instances and services that you are using. So if you are not using any additional services then you can remove it and use the required amount of resources reduce cost and enhance performance as well as productivity.

Faster to Market

In cloud computing world there are small unit known as functions, and these functions are used for maintenance of the servers. The servers are maintained, configured and scaled up by the vendors as per your requirements. Developers using cloud platforms can deploy new functions just by write, zip and upload code on the cloud platform. They don’t have to invest time in creating functions to write code and then upload. With the help of cloud computing platforms, developers can seamlessly add, update or remove the codes without disrupting the entire application.

Platform for Hire

All cloud platforms including AWS cloud comes with seamless platform enabling coders to write their codes on cloud and deploy in the same. It has the backup facility also by which you can add, remove or update whenever you want without the fear of losing the basic codes or hampering the performance of the application. Cloud computing offers ample space and there is no space wastage issues on cloud so you can remove and reuse the space as per your business requirements. So by optimizing the space and managing the backup of codes you can save your time and energy.

Highly Scalable

Best thing about cloud platform is you can enable auto-scale the service requirements by which as and when your user traffic, content or data increases the defined limit then AWS cloud will automatically scale up the resources to manage the increasing content. If you monitor regularly then you can monitor and optimize the auto-scale and save additional resources cost. It is a benefit which managed efficiently can result in saving cost and optimizing resources.

Infrastructure Cost Reduction

Imagine a scenario that your company is receiving 20 million requests on daily basis and each users has multiple internal calls then it will convert into 50-60 million requests a day. How are you planning to handle such a volume and handle the requests when it reduces? In such case most business owners think that they need personal data center for it, but instead of investing on a complete data center you can choose the resources as per your requirements. You can also choose AWS certified experts to manage your AWS cloud and allow them to monitor the requests and optimize the resources accordingly.

All in All

If you are moving to cloud then there are certain hygiene which needs to be considered and if you need assistance then hire AWS certified experts. Viana Labs is a leading Cloud Consulting service provider for small to large companies in India and USA with a dedicated team of AWS consultants. If you have any query or need assistance with the AWS cloud service then contact us at partners@vianablabs.com