What’s Next for IoT Security?

IoT Security

What’s Next for IoT Security?

If massive can ever be an understatement it is with the Internet of Things (IoT). Key to deploying AI and improving every aspect of the client experience, the IoT is already spreading to every industry.

But with rapid growth comes huge security challenges. IoT security is different than traditional networks.

Everything from bots to ransomware can spread and derail networks as a result of the Internet of Things.

Here are some of the newest challenges with the IoT that companies need to tackle in the upcoming year:

A Lack of Talent To Help

While there are IoT specialists in the marketplace they are few and far between. And the bad news is that demand is far outweighing supply.

A number of companies that have traditionally sold other types of consumer products are now in the high tech market because of IoT. Add in the fact that the U.S. labor shortage is already at dire levels and many organizations are stuck.

The security issues to IoT are complicated by the fast growth and the lack of skilled specialists to help companies succeed.

Legal Challenges and the IoT

Companies won’t just need to navigate an increasing demand for IoT technology in the market. They also need to balance their growth against talent shortages and growing security risks.

In order to compete and excel in the UX, marketplace companies need to be great at their core business as well as the tech needs of their IoT products.

In addition, there are legal challenges companies need to face. California just passed an internet privacy law that demands companies care for client data.

The federal government has also introduced legislation. While this means more protection for consumers it can also mean disaster if companies fail to comply.

Businesses need help navigating the legal needs alongside technology integration.

No Industry Is Safe

Everything from vacuum cleaners to automobiles is enhanced by IoT technology. Health care, manufacturing, and retail all stand to gain with IoT tech.

But this means no industry is safe from the risks associated with IoT security breaches. A proactive approach to internet security and protecting data is required to remain competitive.

No company can wait for a security breach or a close call to increase spending on security. An integrated approach to development, security, sales, and client retention is required.

Automation is Key

An automated response to security breaches associated with the IoT is a great first step company need to take in the near term.

The rapid spread of IoT technology combined with the growing threats means that response can’t be passive.

Security breaches aren’t a matter of if, but when.

Get The Help You Need for IoT Security

While the threats to IoT security are very real and growing, companies cannot afford to wait. Consumers have demonstrated their desire for IoT technology.

The IoT market is expected to reach $15 trillion for 2025. Without a solid IoT strategy, your company may be giving the competition an advantage.

Viana can help. Our team will help you head off IoT security challenges and make the most of new opportunities.

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