Top 5 ways to optimize your AWS cost and AWS cloud performance


Top 5 ways to optimize your AWS cost and AWS cloud performance

Currently each and every business in the market, including us, are looking for the effective ways to spend money on the 3rd party services and service providers. Regardless of the quality of the services, amount of hard work or strong domain knowledge of the service provider, many of the times the only thing that we look at is the pricing for the services. Obviously as a business it is important to look at the pricing angle but it is not the only thing to look at. There are several other things like the performance of the application, ROI from the robust application, successful roll out of services through the platform and much more.

And that is what is considered by AWS and based on which the entire cloud platform of Amazon Web Services is designed and built. Companies of all sizes can choose AWS platform to migrate their solutions and services over cloud as well as scale up their existing platforms. The best thing about AWS is it can seamlessly fit in your requirements and budget. And by choosing Viana Labs, you can get the complete assistance of setting up AWS and getting started with your cloud applications and services. At low cost and high performance you can get the industry standard cloud solutions.

If you are planning to migrate to AWS then here are some of the effective ways to optimize the performance and reduce your cost of AWS environment.

In AWS, Size Matters

Choosing the right size of services like RAM and CPU for your instance and instance types is prime important. It is also important to select the right capacity as per your company requirements. Best thing about AWS is you can easily upscale as and when you want. If you need the instance only for specific times, you are free to reserve the instances.

Keep Monitoring Services

If you are using the primary AWS services then it might also need few other AWS services. So if you are not using other services then you can remove that. If you have selected for auto scaling then you need to ensure about the other services are selected or not.

Auto-Scaling Alerts and Dashboards

Set alerts on the auto-scaling AWS services and how much you are planning to use and time period. Keeping track of the services, setting up alerts and ensuring the timeline can give you better insights of the applications as well as saving cost when needed.

Analyze with Cost Explorer

Viana Labs can assist you with analyzing the cost using AWS cost explorer and providing timely reports of the usage. We can assist you with identifying the cost and usage to minimize additional expenditure and control the application in accordance.

Tracking the Stack

If you are running the AWS services then it is important that you keep an eye over the entire stack and ensure that all the required AWS services are running. There are companies which do not have in-house AWS expert team and they end up paying high amount every month for no reasons.

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