5 Things to Check Before Choosing AWS Managed Service Provider (MSP)?

AWS Managed Service Provider

5 Things to Check Before Choosing AWS Managed Service Provider (MSP)?

By migrating to the cloud infrastructure you can not only transform your business infrastructure but also the way you run your businesses. Migrating to AWS Cloud is simplest and fastest process if you have the complete knowledge and understanding of how to use the services or optimize using the right set of tools.

With the explosive growth and demand of migrating to AWS cloud platform from AWS and Amazon Partner Network (APN) has given rise several questions on how to manage the demand and clients globally. Any client who wants to move their infrastructure to cloud has several questions like:

  • Where to begin with?
  • Which platform to choose to stay ahead of competition?
  • How to balance on premise and cloud infrastructure?
  • Which processes to manage on cloud?

And there are so many questions which ultimately needs to be answered to resolve the challenges of clients for enhancing their business networks as well as performance. AWS managed service providers and consulting partners have the expertise, certification, knowledge and understanding of various services to offer you the right guidance and support to migrate to AWS platform. And there are various other reasons why the AWS managed service provider or certified consulting partner’s support is essential at each stage for your AWS migration. We have discussed some of the major points that would be of interest to you:

Transforming Business Infrastructure Need Not Be Challenging

Moving to cloud infrastructure not only requires new approach but complete transformation of the way your business works. The processes and procedures may require changes as well as specific roles and departments may also require changes. So when any organization migrates from on premise infrastructure to cloud platform there are several things to be considered and noted.

AWS MSP partners are experienced in such processes and they are aware of which areas to focus and guide you with right suggestions. They share their experience, expertise, concerns, guidance and solutions which you can leverage to make the best of the cloud platform. By choosing an AWS experienced consulting partner your journey to cloud becomes very seamless.

After the migration, there are many aspects of cloud which you and your team need to know so that you can manage and optimize the services accurately. This is highly important because migrating to cloud does not require much of investment but the recurring cost can be reduced only by proper management of services. By opting for experience AWS consulting partner you can get your roadmap designed based on future requests and set clear expectations for future ready services.

AWS certified consulting partners are well aware that the vision of migrating to cloud is not only of the senior management but the vision should be passed to the bottom level of the staff in your company. AWS MSP enable your employees to gradually adopt the cloud process and offer complete orientation of the platform so that they are aware of resources, services and procedures. With the right guidance, experience and techniques your team will be able to operate the platform seamlessly.

Choose One Expert For All Your A to Z Requirements

AWS has designed AWS MSP Program through which it chooses the best APN Consulting Partners who highly skilled and experienced to provide complete lifecycle solution the clients. In order become AWS MSP partner program, one has to clear the third party audit and showcase the abilities to offer end-to-end solution offering to customers planning to migrate to cloud. AWS certified service providers should be able to showcase their skills to offer support in every stage of Planning, Designing, Building, Migrating, Running, Operating and Optimizing.

Only after showcasing professional level of expertise on AWS, partners are certified and positioned to offer consulting services to the businesses. Regardless of the size of the business, the AWS consulting partner has to offer the same level of guidance and support to all the customers. And AWS MSP Partners are involved with multiple clients so their exposure enables new clients to leverage their expertise and get the world class cloud infrastructure personalized as per their business requirements.

Before starting the migration project, your AWS Certified Consulting Partner will thoroughly understand your business, processes, environments, work types, workloads, etc.

Prime Aspect Security – Evolving Challenges – Evolving AWS Partners

Ensuring the security of the customer data and workloads as well as applications on AWS is of prime aspect for all the AWS APN partners. Be it financial segment, healthcare, life science, or any other, it is imperative to keep the sensitive data secured over cloud.

There are many organizations and government departments which have used AWS, and customized their security layers as per the compliance and regulations. The security features and layers of the platform also constantly evolve with the increasing challenges and requirements of the customer.

With the help of expert AWS consulting partner, you can customize the security layers on AWS using existing AWS services or customized solutions or in-house applications, as per your business requirements. AWS Certified Consulting partner offer well-architected solutions to meet stringent security requirements based on business.

Faster Development – Better Investment – Ultimate Automation

In the digital world, companies which responds faster to customer queries has the winning mantra and gaining more through creating a competitive edge. With the help of cloud platform, designing, developing, testing and deploying advance features and services for end users becomes faster. Companies offering new upgrades and features every quarter can expect faster TAT with cloud.

With the help of AWS Certified Consulting partner you can leverage their expertise in automating the business processes as per the business requirements. AWS MSPs have the core expertise of DevOps principles and practices which helps them to developing new resources and features which enables in best in class infrastructure management.

Ultimate SLA Expertise

For positive business outcomes Service Level Agreements (SLA) are signed so that even for the critical applications the downtime and revenue loss can be curbed as much as possible. By choosing an expert and experienced AWS MSP, you can get fully supported infrastructure and workload as specified in the SLA.

AWS MSPs and Consulting partners leverage even third party tools and applications for infrastructure monitoring and management to support the workloads and solutions as per SLAs. By relying on AWS Certified Consulting partner for your cloud managed service, the efforts of your team is reduced and you can focus majorly on the core tasks.

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