Top 17 Amazing Amazon Web Services (AWS) You Should Know For Enhancing Business Process


Top 17 Amazing Amazon Web Services (AWS) You Should Know For Enhancing Business Process

In the year 2019, we don’t think there must be any company or business owner who has not heard about Amazon Web Services (AWS) or cloud computing services offered by other players in the market. We are pretty sure that as the expanding and evolving technology world, everyone must have heard about AWS and its services like Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2) and Simple Storage Service (S3) which is highly useful services for small to large organizations from varied business segments.

As per the recent research from the famous and reputed market research group – Synergy, it highlights that the businesses across the world have doubled their investments for cloud infrastructure like Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS). Compared to other cloud players in the market, Amazon brought in the maximum customers across the world and investments. As per the 2017 report, AWS maintains dominant position with maximum revenues that exceeds the closest four competitors.

In last 2 years, AWS has introduced several new services that can completely transform the businesses process and the way businesses approach market. In addition to moving their on premise infrastructure to cloud AWS has also enabled thousands of companies to create a ready infrastructure to communicate with machine learning, IoT and VR as well as security services. Based on the thousands of services offered by AWS, here are the top 20 services that are highly demanded and selected by companies. If you are an organization, looking for the right set of services for your business then it would be of interest to you:

Amazon Web Services (AWS) EC2

Instead of using costly on premise infrastructure and physical servers with Amazon services you can create your own virtual machines and manage the same features like data storage, data security, ports, etc. With the help of EC2 services creating servers becomes few minutes of task and choose your preferred operating system.

By choosing AWS EC2 you can simplify and modify your infrastructure as per business needs, optimize the cost and make the best use of existing shared resources over AWS infrastructure. As you do not have to maintain or manage the resources, you can save your time and focus completely on the development or service management.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) RDS

AWS has been designed and developed to support all sizes and types of businesses. Secondly the platform is highly flexible that you can configure it as per your business requirements overcoming the challenges of on premise complicated infrastructure. With the help of AWS RDS services you can create dedicated instances within a short span of few minutes which is completely managed by the AWS support team. It is capable of support different types of database including SQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, etc. Even the AWS RDS service needs to maintenance as it is completely maintained and managed by the AWS team.

Amazon S3

The most common AWS service that you may observe across internet is AWS S3 which gives you complete relief from the data and secured infrastructure for it. Apart from distributing the data across different AWS regions it is also compliant to PCI-HIPAA, HITECH, FedRAMP, etc. by which your data is highly secured and uncompromised.

In addition, to the above benefits, AWS S3 is also offers 99.9999999999% turnaround time by which your information is just a click away. You must be wondering that availing hi-tech infrastructure must be costly and it will take a lot of investment, but actually the free layer of S3 is available with 5 GB of storage space while additional storage space of 50 TB is just available at $0.023 per month. Isn’t it amazing?

Amazon CloudFront

If you have wondered if the on premise infrastructure is unable to give the lightning speed to your website compared to the competitor then you would like to explore AWS CloudFront Content Delivery System (CDN). May be your competitor has already moved to cloud and you are still running your infrastructure on slow poke machines.

AWS CloudFront CDN comes with amazing capacity and ability to manage all your content, delivering and presenting it in the right forms. Due to its integration with other AWS services, you can expect least turnaround time and reach maximum targeted users easily.

Amazon VPC

If you are wondering that your information on the cloud platform is at risk then it can assured that using AWS VPC all your information over cloud is controlled using authorized access. Apart from individuals accessing the information using controlled access, even the systems which are integrated with the AWS VPC will be allowed through authorization.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) VPC allows you to create private virtual network by which your IT infrastructure, services and information will be completely isolated from the external world. Using AWS VPC will enable you to secure the information and getting exposed to other systems or unauthorized individuals.

Amazon SNS

AWS not only caters to the requirements of organization who want to move their infrastructure to cloud or store their data over cloud. It also supports developers and programmers who can seamlessly create a development environment of their choice and flexibly manage the codes. In fact using AWS infrastructure can automated several processes of developments by which developers can save their time and focus on coding.

Regardless of which programming language your team is using like PHP, Python, Node, etc., AWS SNS offers seamless notification system by which you can send notification to all the users on the platform. Be it over mobile, web or other medium.

Amazon Elastic Beanstalk

Another service that is highly useful and interesting for developers. As an AWS certified cloud consulting and Development Company we can assure that for managing and maintenance of the infrastructure becomes highly simplified and flexible. Instead of focusing on managing the resources and infrastructure, developers can focus on development and coding.

Amazon Lambda

If you are using an infrastructure that is not capable of supporting loads of requests and delaying your development process then its time you move to AWS infrastructure using Amazon Lambda. The Lambda service offers you a complete freedom of choosing your own infrastructure that meets the latest development demands from resources to coding language to coding standards. With the help of AWS Lambda you can seamlessly code and upload it on the cloud without any tension of losing it. It also keeps backup and you can edit the codes whenever you want. The platform also keeps the version of the codes so whenever you change it automatically binds with the latest updates.

There are several other features and facilities of AWS Lambda which makes it the most ideal service for developers who are looking for flexible infrastructure for coding and software solution development.

Amazon Auto Scaling

If you have an application which you wish to expand to thousands or millions of users but it may require large investment for resources, hardware and expertise using tradition infrastructure. With the help of Amazon Auto Scaling you have the flexibility to choose a fleet of servers that supports large amount of traffic that demands your application loaded on the cloud. The service is absolutely free and the only charge that you need to pay is for the number of instances used for the application and that too for the time it runs.

Amazon Snowball

There are several organizations who want to store and analyze their big data but transferring petabytes of data can cost a lot. In order to cater such requirements Amazon launched snowball in 2015 which offers self-contained appliance that offers storage space of 50TB on each appliance and it can be shipped back to Amazon in traditional way. But with the increasing demand for the Snowball and amount of data increasing with the evolving technologies, Amazon enhanced its Snowball offering.

Later in 2016, Amazon launched two similar products like Snowball Edge and Snowmobile. The Snowball Edge is capable of storing 100TB and Snowmobile is capable of storing 100PB of data.

Amazon Neptune

Apart from storing large volume of data and managing it, AWS also offers services using which you can present the data in various presentable formats like presentable graphs and RDF formats. AWS Neptune has been designed to support different query languages like Apache, TinkerPop Gremlin and SPARQL. As it is ACID-compliant and offers 99.99% availability, you can cover lot of use cases using Amazon Neptune.

Amazon Direct Connect

With the evolving technologies, there are several networking capabilities which have not kept in pace with the current multi-cloud requirements. If you looking for service that can enhance the performance and bandwidth then you would like to explore the options of AWS Direct Connect.

Amazon Direct Connect has been one of the most popular services across the world and it has been enhanced periodically by AWS. Several new Direct Connect locations are added by which you can implement dedicated private connection with AWS and on premises infrastructure.

Amazon OpsWorks

In order automate their configuration management most of the DevOps professionals use Chef or Puppet. But using AWS DevOps services offers the complete ease of development, testing, and deployment automation enabling complete focus on development. With the help of AWS OpsWorks, you can get the combined benefits of Chef and Puppets over the AWS platform. There are three different flavors of AWS OpsWorks namely Chef Automate, Puppet Enterprise and OpsWorks Stacks.

Amazon Trusted Advisor

Although the cloud computing platform is tremendously popular among small to large organizations these days, there are still many companies in the market which do not have certified AWS Professionals’ in-house team. In such cases, the cost and resource optimization is unmanaged leading to larger investment than it should be. With the help of Amazon Trusted Advisor service, companies can get the required suggestions and advise over cost optimization, recommendations, notifications and access to AWS Support API.

Amazon Sagemaker

With the evolving technology, it is imperative for cloud platforms to work hand in hand. For AI and Machine learning support, Amazon had introduced Sagemaker which makes it AI and ML developers to seamlessly to choose the platform and combine with desired infrastructure. Its fully managed and automated services which enables developing, training, testing and deploying process in machine learning models. It runs on various AWS instances equipment with NVIDIA GPUs.

Amazon QuickSight

In today’s market, every company wants to mine big data for sorting, combining and extracting business intelligent data that helps in outperforming the competition. With the help of Business Intelligence tools and applications the efforts becomes faster and simpler. The Amazon Quicksight service is specially designed to support advance services like geospatial visualizations, VPC access, SPICE fields, table support, HIPAA compliance and much more.

Amazon Cognito

AWS offers a wide range of services focused on the development services to streamline, standardize and ease the process of developers. The AWS Cognito is a similar platform which is integrated with Google, Facebook, and Amazon log in services which enables authenticated access to users. As it is also integrated with Microsoft AD and SAML, using AWS Cognito can cater to larger audiences and multi-factor authentication that is complied with HIPAA, PCI DSS, and SOC.

AWS Glue  

In the big data world, the focus is not only over the intelligent data but also the presentation of the data. Using flashy and advance analytics can gain larger attention and highly useful for data scientists. In order to simplify the tasks of Data Scientists and Big Data Analysts, AWS offers AWS Glue service which effectively streamlines the workloads very cost-effectively. Integrated with the database and analytics tools, AWS Glue seamlessly works with MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Oracle and VPC. It is also compatible with the Scala, Python, Apache Spark, etc. technologies.


There are several other services of AWS which can be highly useful for developers, analysts, data scientists and data storage. If you are planning to move your business infrastructure to cloud using AWS and need assistance of certified AWS professionals then we would be happy to assist you with the same. Contact us at