Moving To Cloud – Greenfield or Brownfield – Which One Should You Choose?

Greenfield or Brownfield

Moving To Cloud – Greenfield or Brownfield – Which One Should You Choose?

The advantages of moving to cloud has been discussed several times and several enterprise have already chose cloud computing platform on AWS to run their infrastructure. Companies are reaping the benefits of cloud computing by using the right instances, services and consulting support through AWS certified consulting partners. Because of not using the required support and choosing to move without any assistance or customization has resulted in loss for several companies. It doesn’t mean that AWS is complicated but it requires proper knowledge and experience in migrating brownfield infrastructure to Greenfield environments. Moreover, cloud infrastructure is suitable and profitable for business of all sizes. It not only saves cost but also enhance your monthly ROI.

Most of the companies moving to the cloud platform either choose to dump their existing on premise infrastructure and choose cloud or combine on premise and cloud defining such a process by which both are optimally utilized. Choosing the first option simple, all you need to do is remove the infrastructure and move to cloud, no hassles. But if you need to combine on premise and cloud then the right methodology is important. Compatibility and continuity needs to be addressed with Greenfield or Brownfield developments.

The terms Greenfield and Brownfield are constantly used in IT and other industries also in which Greenfield means deploying completely new infrastructure from scratch while Brownfield is making changes in the existing infrastructure. In Greenfield, the entire process of designing, developing, deploying, monitoring and management is involved. And in Brownfield minimum viable iterations are identified and modified accordingly. All in all Greenfield offers a bug free and stable solution to clients.

Enterprise have a wide range of options but in Greenfield they have to start from the beginning and Brownfield is all implemented so they can take the advantage of the old systems, processes and choose selective migration of processes. The success of migrating your infrastructure to cloud depends on the effectiveness of managing your data and ease the process or it would lead to extensive rework leading to more investment of time and money.

So based on the above points what do you think you should choose? Here are some of the advantages of Greenfield and Brownfield based on which you can decide the right path for your cloud movement.

Advantages of Greenfield


Regardless of how complex your requirements are Greenfield migration can enable businesses to design and develop the solution of their choice. Challenges faced with the existing on premise infrastructure can be eliminated and performance can be enhanced to multifold. Entire business process can be laid with new approach and flawless.


AWS cloud offers a wide range of advantages as the applications are developed from scratch and enterprise can scale up with DevOps apps. So organizations which are in rapid growth mode can easily adapt to the new on cloud infrastructure and increase their pace.


Old legacy systems come with limitations and higher maintenance which is limited in cloud computing platform. Moreover, it compatible to old and new systems enabling companies to choose the desired integration or compliance as required.

Cost Saving

The major reason why almost all the companies, small to large choose the Greenfield approach is to save the cost of investment required in the Brownfield infrastructure. You need modifications with the existing structure or manage existing on premise infrastructure, both requires large amount of resources and investment which is comparatively reduced in Greenfield.


Greendfield approach can largely help in optimizing the infrastructure for various AWS instances that you choose and enable different types of services. Using the shared infrastructure does not limit the performance and it can be optimized in a better fashion.

Advantages of Brownfield


Since the legacy systems are used in a corporate environment, it is much easier and faster for new and old people to adapt seamlessly. Unlike in cloud computing, new environment, new applications lead to new approach which staff needs to adapt and transition can cause decrease the productivity.


Moving all the process from on premise can cause a lot of investment so migrating certain process while keeping some on premise can help in saving cost.


Managing cloud computing infrastructure requires special skills and knowledge of various AWS applications. However with on premise infrastructure, basic technical knowledge and add/update resources can be managed easily.

Take Away

Cloud is the current trend in the market and if you are moving to cloud then above are the advantages that you would like to consider. Brownfield has its own advantages but comparatively it can be managed using the cloud applications. So if you are a company which has large amount of data stored in on premise infrastructure and wish to securely migrate it on cloud and manage business processes then the best option is Greenfield.

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