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Enterprise IoT Solutions Provider

IoT and Cloud Computing are two major platforms which allows a powerful combination enabling a complete paradigm shift to the businesses and its function. With the help of advance technology, companies can transform the way their workflow, processes, infrastructure and management currently function. Basically IoT is the medium or platform that connects things to network and the vast data received from these things can be stored on cloud for analysis, intelligence and security. The capacity of collecting, sorting, processing, analyzing, visualizing and scaling the humungous data safely is with the cloud platform currently. In order to develop solutions on IoT that communicates and automates the process over cloud platform requires years of IoT development and cloud platform application designing experience.

Viana Labs is one of the leading IoT solutions development and managed cloud services provider based out of India. With a large team of Cloud and IoT engineers, we at Viana Labs, are offering innovative solutions that enable enterprise and businesses to leverage the potential of IoT with Cloud. Our solutions are deployed at varied network including smart cities where the IoT devices can easily interact with cloud applications and fetch or feed information which results in intelligent data hub for analytics and intelligent decision making think tank. The sensor communication is highly secure and reliable as most of the solutions are built using Node RED which has the capability to collect, process and visualize data automatically.

We Offers

IoT solution designing and development
Smart Services and Collaboration
Data center environmental monitoring
Vehicle Safety and Security
Healthcare Industry Solutions
Smart Cities and Homes
Manufacturing and Industrial solutions
Cross platform migration
Cloud Platform Application designing and development

Why Us?

Viana Labs is an all-in-one solution provider with expertise in IoT, Cloud and Enterprise mobility. In addition, we also provide services for website development and software solutions. Our major expertise is in cloud computing and IoT solution designing. We have expertise, skills and team to cater small to large clients with their complex requirements. Our certified engineers have been in this industry for more than a decade and are well versed with different types of requirements in different industries.

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