Hire AngularJS developers

Hire AngularJS developers; single platform, plethora of benefits

When you want a Google’s client-side framework, AngularJS is the only name that comes to anyone’s mind. Hire AngularJS developers from Viana Labs and boost the power of your portal to leave behind your peers. Backed by Google, AngularJS makes your client-side website feature-rich, business-oriented, and highly scalable. The sales and service objectives are achieved by rendering a masterpiece website as you hire Angular JS programmers from us.

Handpicked Workforce
We walk an extra mile to handpicking the best talent from the market. Our developers.
Own a Team
With dedicated hiring models, you can own a team who will solely work on your project.

Range of AngularJS services

Viana Labs provides you with a wide range of AngularJS technology services. Hire our experts in AngularJS development

API development and integration

Your application works smoothly with integration of third party API. The other way around if you want to develop your own API, we help you. Open up the new horizon of opportunities with quality and feature rich API development and integration to or in your app.

Angular JS plugin development

Mesmerize the users and visitors with quality plugins that not only make the surfing and navigation to your products and services easier, but also retain the visitor for a longer duration. Angular JS plugin development by Viana Labs is one of its own kinds.

Angular JS upgrade and migration

The legacy systems may not work well with contemporary tools. Furthermore, you may not be able to cater the present and ever-changing demands of a customer in today’s fast changing world. Upgrade to the latest Angular JS or migrate your legacy system to the modern one.

Highly interactive chat

Chat has been an integral part of our personal and professional lives. Whether you want to bring on your entire workforce on chat for the best and in-time communication, or want to develop chat for ‘casual reasons,’ our experts can help you in the best way.

How are we unique in Angular JS development?

We excel in making world-class portals based on Angular JS technology. We have served industries of all verticals and types including healthcare, logistics, finance, media, and education, etc. Whether you run a small company or a group of industries, hire Angular JS developers for quality business solutions.

High speed and non-blocking I/O API
Enterprise-deploy ready
Suitable to major databases and clouds
Reusability that brings down the overall costs
Native AngularJS developers
Strong command over JavaScript, JQuery etc.
W3C validated, foolproof product

Kickstart your project by hiring AngularJS programmers

Act now!

The more you procrastinate, the more are the chances that you observe a market shift. Our team leaders and programmers are quick to grasp business objectives and kickstart the project. We are capable to convert your dreams into reality.

Discuss! We are hearing.

The best part we think we have is ‘we listen.’ It may sound trivial, but this is the ‘key’ to success for any project. Discuss project with our Business and Technology consultants now and feel the awesomeness of our approach.

Legality confirmed.

Once we are on the same board, let’s finish some important documents including SOPs and NDAs. Yes, we ensure that your projects are in safe hands. We don’t sell any information to third parties. Nor do we compromise on keeping deliverables secure and intact.

Milestones and delivery

Seldom we have missed any deadline and the outcome has always been more than what our clients had expected. A foolproof project becomes market-ready only after a robust testing and approval by our tech brains.

Why Choose Us

Companies that look forward to set milestones in their respective businesses contract with us as we rank among one of the most energetic, fresh, and groundbreaking IT firms in India. We set ourselves apart from rest of the IT solution companies in India by providing unparalleled after-sales support. Our Business and Technology consultants in mobile (iOS and Android) and web (PHP and .Net) development can help you scratch from the ground. Dedicated market research teams and passionate native coders make Viana Labs one of its own IT companies.

Transform cloud ideas into reality, contact us now.

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