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Small to large businesses across the world are moving to cloud to save their on-premise infrastructure. Some businesses manage the migration themselves while some hire inexperienced cloud consultants where the mistakes occur. Moving yourself or choosing low cost – inexperienced cloud platform can lead to high cost and long term mistakes which can result in security breaches and incidents. Even during the experimentation phase, some companies need to understand that choosing an incorrect service, can put your business network at risk.

Viana Labs is a leading cloud security consulting service provider to assist you with analyzing, identifying, resolving, and managing the cloud security issues on your business infrastructure. Whether you are planning to move, moving currently or already moved to cloud, choosing cloud security consulting keeps your security concerns resolve for the network. By choosing our professional cloud security consulting, you can mitigate any kind of cloud risks at an early stage.

Industry Cloud Security Issues

As per the recent cloud security report by the, it clearly highlights that

3 main cloud security issues are data leakage, data privacy, and breaches for confidentiality
3 biggest threats to cloud security are unauthorized access, credentials manipulation, and access controls
3 main operational security challenges are infrastructure security, compliance, and consistent security update
3 main issues with the legacy security tools are future visibility, third party software and security controls
3 main issues with effectiveness are lack of awareness, inexperienced team and limited information & visibility.

Viana Labs Cloud Consulting Services

Traditional network infrastructure security consultants offer solutions and services related to data center, on-premise networks, and endpoint data security. Cloud computing security concerns and services are altogether different from it. It requires full site testing, security risk assessment, application verification, third party software license check, and evaluation of infrastructure at risk.

We also analyze and provide consulting based on disaster recovery, data breach, access control, and best practices in mitigating cloud security risks. We also have experienced consulting professionals to assist you with required support DevOps, architecture designing and migration, if required.

Why Choose Viana Labs?

By choosing us you can leverage our experience and expertise. We have in-house team of AWS professionals, consultants, DevOps engineers and cloud security professionals. So, regardless of what cloud issue you are going through, we have the capability to identify and rectify immediately. All we recommend all our clients and prospective clients, proactive approach in case of security measures is always the best method, reactive costs more than it.

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