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AWS Cloud Migration Services

Unlike the simple two word ‘cloud migration’ sounds, it is often complicated process that requires years of experience and expert knowledge. Migration is one of the basic step before your business can enjoy the full advantages of AWS cloud. Regardless of the business type and complex architecture, if the AWS cloud movement has even a minor glitch, the entire process can result into a huge liability. Successful AWS cloud migration without disruption can enable your business to reduce costs, automate business processes and get maximum advantage of the data.

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Enterprise Infrastructure Migration

Viana Labs is a leading AWS Cloud Migration service provider in India catering to a wide range of customers from US, UK, Australia and European countries. We are known for handling complex cloud architecture and seamless migration without any hassles. Your business applications may need complete AWS cloud architecture designing, define new environments, new public cloud platform or migrate the massive data volumes for analytics, our expert team of AWS cloud engineers will provide you complete support during and post migration.

We Offer

Cloud Vendor Selection
Environment Preparation
Data Cloud Migration
System Health Check
Proof of Concept (POC)
Application Deployment
Recovery Management
Post Migration Support

Why Us?

We have strong knowledge and experience in offering major migration support for public cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, and Google. Our cloud migration team in India can also assist you with private cloud platforms and multi-cloud or hybrid cloud platforms as per your business requirements. Our certified engineers will provide you comprehensive support and assistance in migration of any facets of IaaS, PaaS, DaaS or SaaS migration for your business.

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