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Personalize and customize your business infrastructure on AWS cloud with DevOps

AWS Cloud DevOps Engineering Services

Small to large businesses are looking forward to reduce their operational and infrastructure cost by moving to AWS cloud, which is actually a great option to innovate, collaborate and increase productivity. Choosing the right platform, infrastructure and personalizing the applications as per the workflow offers better flexibility and freedom to overcome their business critical technical challenges using AWS cloud. With the help of integrations with legacy systems using DevOps, businesses can automate business process, implement workflows, and measure overall performance more seamlessly compared to in-premises infrastructure.

Viana Labs is a leading and trusted name when it comes to AWS Cloud Infrastructure and DevOps cloud services in India. Being in this industry for a while, we have learnt a lot about AWS cloud and its various facets including DevOps, which is the future. Having catered to small to large companies globally, we understand the importance of efficient and effective AWS cloud development solutions for enterprises that can result into reduced costs, better ROI and future proof systems.


With a large team of DevOps developers, highly experienced and AWS certified engineers, we have managed to support our clients develop the most high performance cloud environments, applications and infrastructure. Our AWS team uses latest DevOps techniques and technology to enhance the performance and life-span of the solution.

We Offers

DevOps Consulting
Configuration Management
Continuous Integration
Performance Monitoring
Business Process Automation
Build Management
Continuous Testing
Innovative Offerings

Why Us?

In order to transform the business infrastructure and processes using AWS cloud platform, you need experienced and expert team that has knowledge of developing solutions for hybrid environments. Strong knowledge of tools, techniques and technologies plays a vital role in a successful solution development over AWS Cloud. Viana Labs boasts of a large AWS cloud engineers’ team which has knowledge and experience of developing flawless solutions even for highly complex requirements. Regardless of IaaS, PaaS, SaaS or DaaS platform that you are looking for, our team is readily available to assist you.

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