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Our Support and Maintenance Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform is highly flexible, dynamic and scalable platform designed to support small to large enterprise requirements but there are several complex services which needs specialized skills and knowledge. There are several applications, tools, services, classes, zones, etc. which need to be properly designed, deployed, managed and monitored to get the desired results. In order to manage and monitor such infrastructure either you need to have a certified AWS Professionals’ team or hire dedicated AWS support service provider like Viana Labs.

As Certified AWS Support and Consulting partner, we offer dedicated support services to manage and maintain your cloud infrastructure. We have a large team of certified AWS professionals who offer architecture design, development, support and maintenance services to national and international customers. By choosing us, you can get complete AWS support for migration, designing, monitoring, maintenance and DevOps automation. And the best thing is we offer hourly package so you can hire dedicated resources as and when you need for specific tasks.

AWS Monitoring and Support
AWS Cost Optimization
AWS Security and Compliance
AWS Consulting and Migration
Database Migration and Maintenance
AWS DevOps Automation Services

$199975 Hours

What We Do In Cloud?

  • Compute
  • Storage
  • Database
  • Migration & Transfer
  • Networking & Content Delivery
  • Management & Governance
  • Security,Identity & Compliance
  • Developer Tools
  • Notification Services
AWS EC2 Instance management
AWS ELB/ALB management
AWS Security Group management
AWS EBS management
AWS Elastic Container Service (ECS)
AWS Amazon Elastic Container Registry
AWS Elastic IP
AWS Lambda Serverless management
AWS Beanstalk management
AWS S3 management
AWS Glassier management
AWS ElasticFileSystem management
AWS Storage Gateway management
AWS Backup management
AWS RDS management
AWS DynamoDB management
AWS Elasticache management
AWS Redshift management
AWS Server Migration Service
Database Migration Service
AWS Snowball management
AWS VPC management
AWS Route53 management
AWS CloudFront
AWS DirectConnect management
AWS Cloud Watch management
AWS Auto Scaling
AWS CloudFormation
AWS CloudTrail
AWS IAM management
AWS Cognito management
AWS Certificate management
AWS Directory Services
AWS WAF and Shield
AWS CodeCommit
AWS CodeBuild
AWS CodePipeline (CI/CD)
AWS CodeDeploy
AWS SNS Service management
AWS SES Service management
AWS SQS Service management
AWS SWF Service management

Why Choose Us?

AWS Certified Cloud Experts
Hire the best on-demand AWS certified expert for your cloud computing support
End-To-End Cloud Support Services
We offer compute, storage, database, migration, networking, security & management support
Validity of Service 75Hrs / One Year
One year with 75 Hours of on-demand cloud support by certified AWS team
Money Back Guarantee
If we fail to support or service your AWS requirements, we will refund the money of unused hours


What about my pre-sales queries before purchasing the AWS cloud service credits?

We always recommend our clients to discuss with our cloud experts through chat or email about their requirements to get the complete understanding. We would be very happy to resolve all your business queries before initiating the purchase.

What is the lead time required to ramp up your cloud expert?

For your On Demand 75 hours yearly commitment. Cloud expert will be set up quickly to initiate your work or project within a few hours of submission of your work ticket. Dedicated resource or team will be deployed, only when its a monthly 160 hrs on going contract.

What is the timeline for using the 75 ‘Hours’ I have purchased?

You have purchased prepaid 75 credit hours for cloud experts services which comes with a validity of 1 year from the date of purchase. You are free to consume the whole in one go or partially as per the requirements of the business.

How do we communicate & monitor the project with our hired developer?

As we have the best and certified AWS cloud developers with us, we have our own Project Management System (PMS) where you will be able to monitor daily progress. You will have your separate login to use our PMS. You can create the tickets, assign work and take the follow up for your on-demand developers through our systems. Our developers would be available via IM’s so that you can communicate faster.

How will my ‘hourly’ service logged?

On every ticket / work completion, team will mention the hours used. So you can easily monitor your work and hours utilization.

What is a Money Back Guarantee?

If we fail to support or service your AWS requirements in any circumstances, we will refund the money of unused hours. Which will be 26 USD per hour will be refunded of unused hours. For more details regarding our Money Back Guarantee policy, please get in touch with our pre-sales team.

What is the payment structure?

The payment structure is pretty simple and seamless. All you need to do is purchase $1999 cloud service with 75 hours credits for hiring the on demand cloud experts on hourly basis. We accept payment via Paypal which will provide the customer with Money Back Guarantee and also bank wire transfer.

What if developer leaves or I need to replace the developer working on the project?

We do not outsource your projects to any third party companies or freelancers. We have in-house AWS experts working on each project. In the case where you want a change of expert, send us an email and we will replace as per your requirements.

If I need a dedicated team of AWS certified developers/consultants for long term support?

Yes we do provide long term/continual cloud support services. We kindly request you to communicate with us directly at with your requirement

When i hire dedicated, will I have direct access to the AWS developer/consultant?

Yes hiring a dedicated AWS expert on long term with monthly commitment of 160 hours for your support or turnkey projects. The team will work like your in-house team directly communicating through chat, email, calls or video calls as per your business requirements. .

For turnkey projects or customized DevOps solutions, contact us now.

Hire Cloud Engineers and Consultants for Your Projects

We being a business at Viana Labs very well understand that not every project requires an entire team. There are certain tasks that can be completed within an hour while some take few hours and some days. So unlike other companies, we do not charge our customers for no reason. We offer highly flexible hiring option by which you can choose to avail our cloud developers in India on hourly basis or dedicatedly for a specific project. You will have direct access to the cloud developers team member and you can communicate freely with them for the time period you hire them.

Based on the exclusivity of the project, you can also choose collaborate with multiple cloud developer team members and create your own virtual team. You can choose to hire our cloud developer for migration, cloud architecture designing or any of the list of the tasks mentioned.

We have a large pool of certified and highly experienced cloud engineers who specialize in various cloud platforms and technologies to assist you with the required support. Our team will work like your extra pair of hands and work alongside your internal teams.

For more information regarding our Services, let’s talk.