AWS Simple Storage Service (S3)


Amazon S3 is one of the most important component or part of the AWS cloud family. The Simple Storage Service (S3) of AWS is responsible for storing objects enabling a wide range of process like data availability, scalability, performance enhancement and security of the data so that businesses of all sizes and types can utilize the service seamlessly and protect their sensitive data. The data stored in S3 can be used for various purposes including mobile apps, web apps, archiving, restoring, backup, IoT, enterprise applications and big data analytics. Loaded with advance features, S3 offers the flexibility to easily load the data and configure as per the business requirements using access controls which can be further used for compliance, organizational or business specific needs. The S3 has been designed to offer 99% of the data storage for millions of applications from companies across the globe.

Benefits of using AWS S3 in your cloud infrastructure

Best in Class Scalability, Durability and Availability
The S3 storage has been designed in such a way that it can scale up or down to add your data without any additional resource or upfront investment. It has been designed to manage 99.9% of the data stored with durability and automatically copy the data across other systems. So if a data is stored in S3 is can be secured from any kind of errors, data failures as well as data loss.
Highly Cost-Effective Storage Class
Without compromising on the performance of the data stored in S3, it allows you to optimize and save the cost. As S3 supports different data success levels at different corresponding rates it is highly useful for every business segment. With the help of AWS S3, one can run a search and identify such data which consumes lower storage based on different patterns, access, and configuration of S3 lifecycle. The data can also be saved based on the changing pattern of S3 intelligently.
Audit, Compliance and Security
AWS S3 not only offers large amount of data storage but also ensures that it is tightly secured using management tools and encryption features. In order to further tighten the security, one can also use the Amazon Macie for sensitive data stored on AWS S3. It is complied with the programs like HIPAA, HITECH, PCI-DSS, FISMA, etc.
Tools for Managing Granular Data
S3 has a class analysis tool using which you can seamlessly manage, classify, or report the data. Further you can analyze the access patterns of the data using S3 Cross Region Replication for replicating the data across different areas. S3 Lifecycle can be used to lower data cost and storage. You can also use the S3 batch operations for differentiating the object properties to various tasks related to storage management.
Query in Place Services
With the help of Query in Place services you can analyze large amount of data across the S3 objects. You can also use Amazon Athena to query S3 data using standard SQL. You can also use the S3 Select to get the back subsets of object data as well as enhance performance.
Centralized Backup Management
Maximum Support Cloud Storage Service
Along with working on a partner from the AWS Partner Network, you can keep the data secured and stored in AWS S3. It is the largest community of cloud service providers as well as technology. The data is transferred to Amazon S3 integrated solutions through the APN involved for migration partners. With the help of this service you can backup, restore, archive and manage disaster recovery. You can also purchase the AWS integrated solutions from the market place.

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With various features and integrated services support from S3 becomes a prominent component for companies to utilize their large volume of data. There are different ways to optimize effectively and efficiently but for that you need in-depth knowledge and technical understanding of AWS S3. If you do not have an in-house team to assist you with the requirements, you can hire our AWS certified cloud professional to guide and implement the service for your business.

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