AWS robomaker

AWS RoboMaker

AWS RoboMaker

Nowadays Robots are being utilized more broadly in society for purposes that are growing in sophistication like environmental monitoring, complex assembly, search and rescue, companionship, cleaning, picking and packing, assisted surgery, and delivery. These jobs require greater compute abilities as well as the integration of technologies like image recognition, reinforcement learning, artificial intelligence, sensing, and machine learning in new ways in the field of robotics. Till now, simulating, developing, deploying and managing such brilliant robotics applications were challenging and time-consuming. But, with AWS RoboMaker support, it is quite easy to set up a robot to navigate, stream data, learn, communicate and comprehend. Projects that could not be done or take number of months that now be completed in hours or number of days. AWS RoboMaker gives a simulation service, IDE, seamless integration and fleet management capabilities with numerous Amazon and AWS managed services to enable customers to present best-of-class robotic solutions.

Benefits of using AWS RoboMaker

Get started rapidly
AWS RoboMaker consists of sample robotics applications to assist you in getting started rapidly. These give the beginning point for the recognition, voice command, fleet management, and monitoring abilities, which are frequently enforced for intelligent robotics applications. Sample applications are available with robotics application code or instructions for the proper functionality of your robot and simulation application code for prescribing the environment or conditions in which your simulations will operate. The model simulation applications come with pre-built conditions like retail stores, indoor rooms, and racing tracks so that you can begin it in minutes. You can build and modify the code of the robotics or simulation application in the advance environment or conditions or utilize your own prescribed applications.
Build intelligent robots
As AWS RoboMaker is pre-integrated with famous machine learning, monitoring services, and AWS analytics, it’s quite straightforward to include functions like face and object recognition, video streaming, metrics and logs collection, or voice command and response to your robotics application. RoboMaker provides development for cloud services like Amazon Rekognition (image and video analysis), Amazon Kinesis (video stream), Amazon CloudWatch (logging and monitoring), Amazon Polly (speech generation), and Amazon Lex (speech recognition) to developers who are utilizing Robot Operating Systems. These services are resolved as Robot Operating Systems packages so that you can simply utilize them to create intelligent operations into your robotics applications without acquiring to learn a new language or system programming.
Lifecycle management
Handling the life span of a robotics application from deploying and building the application, to updating and monitoring a whole fleet of robots. Utilizing the AWS RoboMaker fleet administration, you can use an application to a fleet of robots. Utilizing the AWS CloudWatch metrics and logs extension for Robot Operating Systems, you can easily monitor these robots throughout their life span to understand speed, CPU, battery, memory, and much more. Whenever a robot system needs an update, you can utilize RoboMaker simulation for revised testing before applying the new feature through AWS RoboMaker fleet management.

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