AWS Route 53

AWS Route 53

Amazon Route 53 is one of the scalable and extremely accessible cloud Domain Name System (DNS) web service. It is composed to provide creators and corporations an exceptionally steady and cost-efficient way to guide customers to Internet applications by transforming addresses such as into the numerical IP addresses like so that system uses it to interface to each other. Amazon Route 53 is totally obedient to IPv6 as well.

Amazon Route 53 adequately interfaces user inquiry to the framework operating in AWS like Amazon EC2 occasion, Amazon S3 buckets, or Elastic Load Balancing load balancers – and can also be utilized to guide clients to the framework, which is outside of AWS. You can utilize Amazon Route 53 to construct DNS health check-ups to guide traffic to healthy deadline or to observe the health of your operation and its deadline individually. Amazon Route 53 Traffic outflow compose it quite easier for you to maintain traffic globally through a diverse range of routing types, which includes Weighted Round Robin, Latency Based Routing, Geoproximity, and Geo DNS due to which all can be connected with DNS Failover, so that facilitate a diversity of fault-tolerant architectures and low-latency.

Utilizing Amazon Route 53 Traffic Flow’s easier visual editor, through which you could simply dominate how your customers are guided to your application’s dead point even if in alone AWS area or distributed globally. Amazon Route 53 again provides Domain Name Registration you could buy and handle domain address like, and Amazon Route 53 will undoubtedly configure DNS settings for your domains.

Benefits of using AWS Route 53

Highly Scalable
Highly accessible and dependable
Amazon Route 53 is created by utilizing AWS’s highly accessible and dependable framework. The appropriated qualities of our DNS servers assist in making sure that a constant capability to guide your clients to your application. Characteristics like Amazon Route 53 Traffic progress assist you enhance dependability with simple arrangement of failover to re-route your clients to an alternate region if your main application dead point becomes inaccessible. Amazon Route 53 is configured to grant the level of ability needed by all-important applications.
Easily Adaptable
Amazon Route 53 Traffic Flow guides traffic positioned on numerous criteria, like geographic location, deadline health, and latency. You can compose numerous traffic tactics and determine which tactics are effective at any time. You could design and compile traffic tactics utilizing the easiest visual editor in the Amazon Route 53 console, Route 53 API or AWS SDKs. Traffic Flow’s versioning characteristics manage a history of adjustment to your traffic tactics, so you can simply go back to a prior version utilizing the console or API.
Created so that can be used with other Amazon Web Services
Amazon Route 53 is created to perform an activity with other AWS characteristics and offerings. You could utilize Amazon Route 53 to map address or domain names to your Amazon EC2 items, Amazon CloudFront handling, Amazon S3 buckets, and numerous AWS resources. By utilizing the AWS Identity and Access Management assistance with Amazon Route 53, you get top-notched command over who can modernize your DNS data. To map your zone apexes such as ( versus you should utilize Amazon Route 53 to your Amazon CloudFront distribution, Elastic Load Balancing instance, API Gateway, AWS Elastic Beanstalk environment, VPC dead point, or Amazon S3 site bucket utilizing an aspect which is known as Alias record.
Quite Simple
With self-service log-in, Amazon Route 53 could begin to handle your DNS queries within minutes. You can build-up your DNS settings with the AWS Management Console or our easiest-to-utilize API. You could also programmatically consolidate the Amazon Route 53 API within your complete web application. Such as, you can utilize Amazon Route 53’s API to develop an advanced DNS record whenever you develop a fresh EC2 instance. Amazon Route 53 Traffic Flow composes it easier to build up complicated routing logic for your utilization by applying the easiest visual policy editor.
Utilizing a global anycast network of DNS servers globally, Amazon Route 53 is fabricated to undoubtedly guide your customer’s to the required region rely upon on network situations. Due to which, the utility provides low query latency for your clients, also low updated latency for your DNS record management necessity. Amazon Route 53 Traffic Flow also assists you to further boost your client’s knowledge by operating your application in numerous locations globally and utilizing traffic tactics to make sure your clients are conquered to the closest healthy dead point for your application.
Quite Economical
Amazon Route 53 given on the assistance of AWS’s scale to you. The major factor is that you just need to pay for those resources which you utilize like the number of inquiry such as the service answers for each of your address, hosted zones for handling domains by the service, and alternative features like traffic tactics and health checking’s, all at reasonable cost and without any kind of minimum usage limits or any up-front fees.
By coordinating Amazon Route 53 with Access Management (IAM) and AWS Identity, you could authorize special credentials and administer acceptance for everyone inside your AWS account and determine who has authorization to which section of the Amazon Route 53 service.
Highly Scalable
Route 53 is constructed to automatically scale to deal with very large questioning volumes without any kind of interference from you.
Simplify the hybrid cloud
Amazon Route 53 Resolver grant repeated DNS for your Amazon VPC and on-premises system over AWS Managed VPN or AWS Direct Connect.

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