AWS Global Accelerator

AWS Global Accelerator

AWS Global Accelerator is one of the networking services which enhances the performance and availability of the applications service which you offer to your global customers.

Today, if you provide applications to your global customers on the internet, your customers may face conflicting performance and availability as they span through numerous public networks to approach your application. These networks could be clogged, and each hop can offer performance and availability risk. AWS Global Accelerator utilizes the exceptionally accessible and congestion-free AWS network to speed up your internet traffic from your customers to your applications on AWS, having your clients experience more consistent.

To enhance the availability of your application, you have to monitor the health of your application endpoints and route traffic, particularly to healthy endpoints. AWS Global Accelerator increases application availability by frequently checking the health of your application endpoints and traffic route to the nearest healthy endpoints.

Additionally, AWS Global Accelerator makes it quite easier to handle your global applications by specifying IP addresses, which act as a constant entry point to your application hosted on AWS, which eradicates the complication of handling specific IP addresses for various AWS Locations and Availability Zones. AWS Global Accelerator is quite simpler to configure, set-up and handle.

Benefits of using AWS Global Accelerator

Improve global application availability
AWS Global Accelerator constantly monitors the health of your application endpoints, like your Elastic IPs or Application Load Balancers, Network Load Balancers, instantaneously responding to adjust in their configuration or health. AWS Global Accelerator will then transform client’s traffic to healthy endpoints, which transfers the best availability and performance to your customers.
Fasten your global applications
AWS Global Accelerator upgrades the network path utilizing the advantage of the wide, traffic-free AWS global network. No matters where your customers are located, AWS Global Accelerator wisely routes traffic to the endpoint which gives the best performance of the application.
Easily handle endpoints
AWS Global Accelerator’s constant IP address makes it quite simple to carry endpoints in-between AWS Regions or Availability Zones without updating your DNS composition or modifying client-facing applications.

Use Cases Achieved with AWS Global Accelerator

Scale for increased application utilization
When the usage of the application grows, the endpoints and the number of IP addresses that you require to handle also increases. AWS Global Accelerator recognizes you to move the scale of your network up or down. AWS Global Accelerator allows you to correlate regional resources, like EC2 instances and load balancers, to two constant IP addresses. You merely white list these IP addresses once in your customer firewalls, applications, and DNS records. With AWS Global Accelerator, you can also add or remove endpoints in the AWS locations, run green/blue deployment, and A/B test without updating the IP addresses in your client's applications. This is exceptionally valuable for IoT, media, retail, healthcare and automotive use cases in which users' applications are not be updated quite frequently.
Accelerate latency-sensitive applications
Various applications, like media, gaming, financial applications, and mobile applications, require very low latency for tremendous user experience. To enhance the customer experience, AWS Global Accelerator guides user traffic to the nearby application endpoint to the client, thus lowering down the internet jitter and latency. It guides the traffic to the nearest edge location through Anycast, then by guiding it to the nearest regional endpoint over the AWS global network. AWS Global Accelerator rapidly responds to modify in-network accomplishment to boost your client’s application performance.
Mishap recovery and multi-region resiliency
To always be online or available, you required to be completely dependent upon your network. You may be operating your applications across numerous AWS Regions to recover from disaster, lower latency, and higher availability. If AWS Global Accelerator observes collapse of your application endpoint in the essential AWS location, it immediately prompts traffic re-routing to your application endpoint in the next feasible, closest nearest AWS Region.
Origin Cloaking
When developing your Application capacity Balancers internet-facing to handle your end customer, you also enhance your risk of attacks from the internet. AWS Global Accelerator authorizes you to include an internal Application Load Balancer as an endpoint. By utilizing AWS Global Accelerator as your only internet-facing approach point, you take care of your applications operating on AWS from assigned denial of service (DDoS) attacks and command over end-users how they will reach to the application. AWS Global Accelerator designs a peering interlinking between your Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) and the AWS Global Accelerator. The traffic between both these VPCs uses private IP addresses.

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