AWS Direct Connect

AWS Direct Connect

AWS Direct Connect is one of the cloud service solutions, which makes it quite simple to build a dedicated network interface from your areas to Amazon Web Service. By utilizing AWS Direct Connect, you could install private interface in-between AWS and your office, collocation environment, or datacenter, which in numerous situations can lower down your network costs, enhance bandwidth, and present a more constant network involvement than the Internet-based networks.

AWS Direct Connect enables you to have an enthusiastic network linkage between your system and the AWS Direct Connect locations. By utilizing industry-standard 802.1q VLANs, this linkage could be separated into different virtual networks. This authorizes you to utilize the same interface to approach public resources like objects which are stored in Amazon S3 utilizing public IP address, and private assets like Amazon EC2 instances operating within an Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) utilizing private IP space while managing network partition in-between the private and public environments. Virtual interfaces could be re-composed at any time to find your developing requirements.

Benefits of using AWS Direct Connect

Lower down your bandwidth costs
If you have heavy workloads on your bandwidth then you prefer to perform in AWS, AWS Direct Connect lower down your network cost with the help of AWS in two methods. Firstly, by transmitting data to and from AWS directly, you could lower down your bandwidth assurance to your Internet service provider. Secondly, all data transmitted over your enthusiastic connection is charged at the lowered rate with AWS Direct Connect data transfer rate instead of Internet data transmission rates.
Constant network efficiency
Network over the Internet might fluctuate provided that the Internet is regularly unstable how information gets from point one to point B. With AWS Direct Connect, you could determine the data that uses the enthusiastic connection and how that information is conquered which can supply a more constant network involvement when compared to Internet-based connections.
Suitable with all AWS services
AWS Direct Connect is a network utility service provider which operates with all of the AWS services which are available over the Internet, like, AWS VPC, AWS EC2, and AWS S3.
Privately connected to yours Amazon VPC
You can utilize AWS Direct Connect to build a separate virtual connection from your on-premise network instantly to your Amazon VPC, giving you with a privately, high bandwidth network linkage between your VPC and your network. With numerous virtual networks, you could even inaugurate specified connectivity to numerous VPCS while managing network isolation.
AWS Direct Connect creates it simple to extend your linkage to perform your requirements. AWS Direct Connect presents you a speed of 1 Gbps and 10 Gbps, and you could effortlessly provide various connections if you require more capacity. AWS Direct Connect can also be used for establishing a VPN connection instead of providing an Internet connection to your Amazon VPC. Regretting the necessity to use VPN hardware too much regularly can’t assist data transmission at speeds above 4 Gbps.
You can log in for the AWS Direct Connect service quite rapidly and simply utilizing the AWS Management Panel. The Panel gives you an only analysis to thoroughly handle all of your virtual interfaces and connections. Furthermore, you can use personalized router templates for your networking equipment after configuring one or more than one virtual interface.

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AWS Direct Connect offers a wide range of options apart from the features and benefits mentioned above. With the help of right set of services and features in place, it becomes much easier and optimized for the business to reduce cost and increase performance. In order implement the required services, it is important that you have AWS certified professionals in your team or readily hired to assist you in deployment. If you are looking for certified and experienced AWS professionals, contact us at

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