AWS Cloud Map

AWS Cloud Map

AWS Cloud Map is one of the cloud resource analysis services. With AWS Cloud Map, you can easily prescribe customized names for your operational resources, and it manages the updated location of these constantly developing resources. Which enhances your application availability due to your net service that always determines the most updated locations of the resources?

Modernized applications are generally composed of numerous services that are approachable over an API and execute a definite function. Each service collaborates with a number of resources, like queues, databases, customer-defined microservices and object stores, and it needs to be capable of finding out the location of all the resources on which it revolves around in order to perform. In number of cases, you handle all of these resource locations and their names manually within the application code. But, controlling the resource management manually is little time-consuming concept, and there are high chances of the errors because of quantity of dependent infrastructure resources are raised, and the quantity of microservices dynamically moves up and down, which is totally based on traffic. Furthermore, you can also install third-party products, but this installation requires handling additional software and infrastructure.

With Cloud Map, you can also signup any of application resources, like micro-services, queues, databases, and numerous cloud resources, with personalized names. Cloud Map then regularly monitor the health of resources so that the location is always up-to-date. After monitoring the location this application can then inquire the registry for the location of the resources and requirement, which is based on the deployment environment and application version.

Benefits of using AWS Cloud Map

Increases application availability
Cloud Map regularly checks the health of each IP-based segment of your application and regularly updates the location of each and every micro-service when it is added or removed. This assures that your applications only detect the up-to-date location of its resources, enhancing the availability of Cloud Map application.
Increase developer Output
Cloud Map present only one registry for all of your application services, which you can determine with personalized names. This makes sure that your development teams do not have to regularly store, track, and updates location information, resource name and make regular changes instantly within the application code.

Use Cases Achieved with AWS Cloud Map

Service discovery
Micro-services are regularly completed utilizing dynamic resources, like containers, and can rapidly launch and terminate. These resources interlinked with API and require determining the location of the resources which are dependent on the application code. But, every resource is dynamic in its nature and having constantly changeable locations, making it quite a challenging task for individual resources to regularly track and detect the locations of all their dependencies. Cloud Map present only one registry for all of your applications which are having service names and locations, which allows micro-services to simply locate each other.
Regular delivery and integration
To use the application code across numerous regions, environments, and versions demands you to update various configuration files having the updated location of each service. Cloud Map keeps an up-to-date registry of all the locations and service names. You simply update the location of the resource, which is completely based on the region, environment or version of the application to which you are using, and your application will naturally detect the required resource.
Automated health monitoring
Your applications are normally combined up of AWS services and custom resources. But, it is a quite challenging task to considerably have up-to-date health conditions for all of your application resources. Cloud Map assist you in accomplishing this by simply keeping an up-to-date registry of all the healthy resources with the help of the automated health checks. Which makes sure that traffic is constantly served to the healthy endpoints only.

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