AWS Transfer for SFTP


With the help of AWS Transfer for SFTP, customers can seamlessly transfer files in and out of AWS S3 using SFTP or SSH protocol. AWS SFTP can also be integrated with authentication systems and DNS systems to automate the file transfer process and simplify the process using the existing infrastructure. With the data available S3 you have the flexibility and freedom to utilize the same for any AWS services and processing of analytics, machine learning, archiving and several other processes using SFTP. The best thing about AWS SFTP is you do not have to pay anything additional or manage the infrastructure.

Use Cases Achieved with AWS Transfer for SFTP

Sharing Files with Third Party Systems
Almost every business in the market has to share files with external companies using secured medium regardless of it is marketing or technical documents. All sensitive information should be treated equally so these files can be exchanged seamlessly across different companies. With the help of AWS SFTP this process becomes much simpler and faster as it is one of the most secured file transfer setting for internal and external teams.
Marketplace Data Distribution
Marketplace has large amount data related to financial exchanges, regulators, etc. It is important that these data are accessed by authorized personnel and participants. In such cases, AWS SFTP plays a major role in offering a secured channel through which the high quality infrastructure at low operational cost is available to data publishers.
Data Lakes Ecosystem
Research driven companies like universities, life science companies and hospitals, exchange a large amount of data with third party companies for the purpose of research and development. By choosing AWS SFTP, you can seamlessly transfer the data to AWS S3 securely. And all this can be achieved without adding new hardware or resources for your on premise infrastructure.

Benefits of using AWS Transfer for SFTP

No Need to Manage Any SFTP Server
By choosing AWS SFTP service you are free from purchasing, maintaining and managing servers on your own. Secondly the security level offered by AWS SFTP is secured enough to exchange data with third party companies seamlessly. Further AWS automates the scaling and maintenance of data on its own for high availability for A-Z architecture.
Migration & Support
SFTP Migrations Seamlessly
AWS SFTP service is completely compatible with the SFTP standard, AD, LDAP and third party identify systems that works with the Route 53 DNS. This means, you can seamlessly migrate to SFTP from third party authentication systems without major changes in domain, hostnames, system, etc. Further, external customers, partners and other parties can exchange files without any changes in the current process, software or behavior.
Integrated with S3 for API Based Processes
As the data migrated to SFTP is stored in S3 it is easier to be used for various data driven processes using API integration. In addition, it is also integrated with AWS management services which simplifies the security monitoring and auditing processes.

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