AWS Database Migration Services


With the help of AWS Database migration service, you can migrate all your databases to AWS cloud seamlessly and securely. Even during the migration process, the source database remains accessible and minimizes the downtime to applications that are working on the database. The AWS database migration service has the capability to migrate the data ‘to and from’ across all majorly used commercial or open source databases.

AWS Database migration service is flexible enough to support different types of homogeneous migrations like Oracle to Oracle, complex migrations between unique database platforms, Oracle to Microsoft SQL, Amazon Aurora, etc. By choosing AWS Database migration service, you have the flexibility to replicate data using high availability and scale up data to petabytes using data warehouse like Amazon Redshift or Amazon S3.

Benefits of using AWS Database Migration Services

Easy to Access
The best thing about AWS Database Migration service is the ease of access and user friendliness. There is no requirement of driver installation or tools understand for accessing the AWS Database migration services. It is also not required to change the source database in majority of scenarios. You can start using the features of AWS Database migration services within few clicks from the AWS management console. After starting the migration process, all the complexities is self-managed by the DMS system which includes the data replication and changes in the source database during the migration process.
Less Downtime
Less Downtime
The AWS Database Migration service ensures that all your databases are migrated to AWS without major downtime. Any changes that occur on the source database during the migration process is automatically replicated on the target database, enabling source database to be accessible and operational during the migration. Once the migration process is successfully completed, the target database will be synchronized with the source database, so that you can switchover the database as and when you need.
Migration & Support
Homogenous Migration Support
AWS database migration service supports migrating your data to any database platform including commercial as well as open source. This gives a larger option to users as they can easily choose Oracle to Oracle or any heterogeneous migrations like Oracle to AWS Aurora. AWS DMS also supports migrations from on premise database running on EC2 to RDS, RDS to RDS or SQL to non-SQL DB.
Almost all the services of AWS are highly cost-effective and budget friendly for small to large enterprises. By choosing AWS Database management services, all you need to pay is for the consumption of resource during migration process and additional log storage, if any. Even if you migrate high volume of data as big as 3 TB then all you will be charged is around $3. The stark of such database is different than the traditional database which can be highly expensive.
Simple and Easy to Setup
The implementation of any migration task using AWS DMS is pretty simple and easy. Within minutes of configuration using AWS management console, you can define the required parameters for AWS DMS and execution process of migration. The AWS Database Management Service automates several processes like choosing the source and target database, replicating the instances for migration and ensuring smooth migration. With such automated tasks, AWS DMS offers seamless migration experience.
Highly Reliable Service
The AWS DMS comes with self-healing feature by which it has the capability to monitor the source and target database on continuous basis. If the communication experiences any interruption then it automatically restarts from the exact location from where it was halted. There A-Z options for database high availability and data replication for redundant replication instances.

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