AWS Application Discovery Service

Application Discovery Service

AWS Application Discovery service is useful in gathering all the user information at on premise centers so that you can seamlessly migrate to cloud. There are several data related activities involved during the migration process and it can be cumbersome without the right service like AWS Application Discovery.

One of the prime steps of migration process is the server utilization data and dependency mapping. With the help of AWS Application Discovery Service you can easily collect, configure, use, and manage data behavior for your servers and manage the workloads accordingly.

The data collected in the AWS Application Discovery storage is in the encrypted format. These data can be exported to CSV file and used for estimating the TCO for running AWS and how to plan the migration to AWS. In addition to the data stored in AWS Application Discovery Service, the data is also stored in AWS Migration Hub by which you can migrate the data to discovered servers and track migration progress accordingly.

Benefits of AWS Application Discovery Service

Reliable Planning and Migration
The major role of AWS application discovery service is to collect the server specifications, performance related data and details regarding currently running process and network connections. With the help of the data collected by AWS Application Discovery service, it can be utilized for various purposes like estimating the cost of migrating to AWS or grouping multiple servers into an application for planning.
Centralized Backup Management
Data Security with Encryption
Your data can be managed and protected using the data encryption method used while storing the data in AWS Application Discovery Service.
Migration Hub Integration
Like other AWS services, the AWS Application Discovery service is also integrated with AWS Migration Hub which helps in simplifying and tracking migration process. Once the activity of grouping discovered servers as applications is completed, Migration Hub is highly useful in tracking the application portfolio.
Migration & Support
AWS Migration Support
Along with the AWS services, you have the benefit of leveraging the expertise of AWS professionals and APN Migration Partners. AWS certified professionals and consultants are trained as well as certified to offer small to large enterprise the right guidance and strategies for migration.

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So based on the advantages described above, you need to understand that understanding of AWS services and methods of implementing them is required to leverage the benefits. If you have any question regarding how to implement or manage AWS application discovery or any other service then you can contact our AWS professional’s team to get free consultation. We would be glad to understand your business infrastructure and provide required information.

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