AWS Elemental MediaPackage

AWS Elemental MediaPackage

This media package dependably secures and makes a proper plan for your video to transmit it over the Internet. From an only video input, AWS Elemental MediaPackage builds a video stream that is prepared to play it on a cell phones, linked TVs, tablets, video game consoles and PCs. It develops it quite easier to execute suitable video highlights for spectators who are normally found on DVRs. AWS Elemental MediaPackage can make it suitable for your using it with Digital Rights Management (DRM).

Benefits of AWS Elemental MediaPackage

Get a wide range of interlinked devices
AWS Elemental MediaPackage developed it quite simpler to circulate and bundle your data to a wide range of playback devices, which includes smartphones, web players, tablets, linked TVs and video game consoles.
Play Live And Recorded
High-tech video experiences content security
AWS Elemental MediaPackage provides you with an opportunity to form a DVR-like experience for viewers of your live stream video. It assists with a range of computerised rights management (DRM) which provides propelled sound characteristics and multilingual caption tracks.
Worked in adaptability and unwavering quality
AWS Elemental MediaPackage automatically scales as the group of spectator for developing your video. It regularly lookout for the resources over various Availability Zones and evaluate their health, so any possible issues are settled and identified without any disturbance in your live video stream.
Easiest integration with AWS cloud services
AWS Elemental MediaPackage is built up to work up with various Amazon CloudFront CDN with AWS Elemental MediaLive and for globally appropriation to have live encryption to form a complete answer for live video conveyance and to manage it. After Integration with Amazon CloudWatch, it provides you constant checking and warnings.

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Technology is taking a crucial turn with the launch of cloud services. Just like when internet was newly launched, the possibilities where uncertain and yet we are sitting here still enjoying the evolution. Similarly, cloud services is such a platform which comes with lot of benefits and advantages which can be optimized by choosing the right set of services and resources depending on the business requirements.

When the internet was difficult to understand, the adoption rate was slow among the companies and today it is difficult to imagine our daily life without internet. Similarly, cloud computing is a healthy infrastructure that requires adaptability and it can offer great benefits and advantages.

So, if you want to save money, time and investment then it is better to move to AWS cloud platform. If you do not have AWS skilled professional and certified team then you can choose Viana Labs to assist you with the same. Our team of AWS professionals can enable you in setting up and managing the AWS cloud business infrastructure.

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