AWS Elemental MediaConvert

AWS Elemental MediaConvert

AWS Elemental MediaConvert is completely based on the file video transcending assistance with broadcasting grade features. It assists you to easily create video-on-demand content for broadcasting and multi-screen transmission at scale. The AWS Elemental MediaConvert integrates improved audio and video capabilities with a simple pay-as-you-go web services interface and their pricing. You can easily concentrate on providing satisfying media experiences having no issues regarding the complexity of operating and constructing your dominating video transforming structure with AWS Elemental MediaConvert.

Benefits of AWS Elemental MediaConvert

Broadcasting-grade abilities
AWS Elemental MediaConvert authorizes you to utilize a wide range of net and proficient media configurations to develop good quality video products that appear to be brilliant on any device. For ultra-HD resolutions that maintain content protection, high dynamic range video, advanced audio features, closed captioning and graphic overlays, AWS Elemental MediaConvert gives you a set of devices with which you can assign high-quality viewing experiences.
Easy and reliable to handle
AWS Elemental MediaConvert doesn’t require any management, set up or maintenance of essential infrastructure. With the video transformation settings, you can present jobs and start without wasting any time or resources handling transcending infrastructure. An AWS Elemental MediaConvert supplies not only the required resources to precede your jobs, but it also monitors them regularly, so you do not have to be nervous about the dependability.
Easy, predictable pricing
AWS Elemental MediaConvert recognizes users to create high quality, complete video handling workflows for processing video infrastructure in the AWS cloud with no initial investment or capital expense. The period of video that is prepared and the characteristics which you utilize, you pay for that.

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