AWS Elemental MediaConnect

AWS Elemental MediaConnect

This transport service is of higher quality for visualizing live video. These days, content possessors and broadcasters rely upon the fiber connections or satellite networks to introduce their greater-value content within the cloud or to publish it to the partners for the allocation. Both fiber and satellite moving towards are affluent, which requires comprehensive start-up times for setting up, and shortage of adaptability to adjust to customized requirements. To be speedy, numerous clients have proved to use various solutions that transmit live video on best IP infrastructure, but have been maintained with security and dependability.

With this, you can easily have the security and dependability of fiber and satellite integrated with the economics, flexibility, and agility of IP- networks with the usage of AWS Elemental MediaConnect.AWS Elemental MediaConnect authorizes you to construct crucial mission live video workflows with a little bit of cost and time of fiber or satellite services. From an irrelevant event site, you can easily use AWS Elemental MediaConnect to devour live video, shared a video with a partner such as a cable TV distributor, or replicate a video stream for transforming. It consolidates consistent video transport, enormously secured sharing stream, and actual-time video supervising and network traffic that empowers you to concentrate on your required content, not on your transport infrastructure.

Benefits of AWS Elemental MediaConnect

Play Live And Recorded
Dependably transport video
AWS Elemental MediaConnect locates inappropriate video quality of the service layer which is greater than regular IP transport, allows constant and good-quality delivery. This provides higher dependability to your live video workflows, even over lesser reliable networks.
Safely and securely share live video streams
AWS Elemental MediaConnect recognizes you to secure your live videos with the proper utilization of industry-standard encryption, and share content with the approval from the official. This provides you complete control over the allotment of your content.
Handle high-value live broadcasts
AWS Elemental MediaConnect provides you real-time clarity over 15 crucial metrics of your video stream dominance, undoubtedly organizing different settings to improve performance. Broadcasting different standard signals recognizing numerous issues with transforming streams, so you can easily have the assurance that your video is sent without any confusion.
Reducing your costs up to 30%
AWS Elemental MediaConnect uses your AWS Direct Connect or IP infrastructure to be quite cost-effective, best quality live videos to the AWS Cloud. In spite of the long-term assurance to established satellite transponders and fiber networks, AWS Elemental MediaConnect provides you an option of pay as you use; this option helps you to save up to 30% or more.

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As it is said that staying in pace with the latest technology is beneficial for all the business, AWS is something that small to large companies should always checkout. Millions of companies have already moved to cloud and several other millions are moving now. There are several reasons why companies moving like saving time, money and resources.

Similarly, after going through the details of AWS Elemental MediConnect services, you must have understood how important it is. And how useful it can be if you have a cloud infrastructure. If you need assistance with the implementation or management of the same, you can hire our AWS certified cloud consulting professionals.

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