AWS Elastic Transcoder

AWS Elastic Transcoder

Amazon Elastic Transcoder handles every characteristic of the Amazon media transcoding process for you evidently and automatically. There is no necessity to oversee software, tune performance, scale hardware or else managing the transcoding framework. You create a transcoding “job,” identifying the position of your media file source and how you would like to transcode. It also provides transcoding programmed for popular output pattern, which means that you do not have to find out which is the best settings to work on the specific gadgets. All these kinds of features are accessible through various services of API, the AWS SDKs and AWS Management Console.

Highlights of the Service

Easy and simple to utilize
Amazon Elastic Transcoder is developed so that it can be used commonly. You can also start by using the AWS Management Console, the services of the API or the SDKs. System transcoding prearranged creates it quite easier to have transcoding settings correctly in the 1st attempt. We provide pre-arranged setting to build files of the media that would be playing on several devices such as tablets or smartphones, which presets to build media files that are for advanced playback devices such as Apple iPod touch or Amazon Kindle Fire HD. Furthermore, you can also produce playlists and segmented files with the usage of the Smooth, HLS, or MPEG-DASH protocol to support the devices. Numerous Developers developing applications are required for transcoding which can be utilized for the usage of AWS SDKs for Node.js, Java, .NET, PHP, Ruby, and Python and the latest AWS Command Line Interface.
Adaptable and SCALABLE
Amazon Elastic Transcoder is developed to escalate perfectly with the workload of media transcoding. Amazon Elastic Transcoder is composed of managing enormous volumes of large files and media file sizes. Transcoding pipelines enable you to execute various transcodes in a parallel way. Amazon Elastic Transcoder manipulates various other Amazon Services like Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon S3, Amazon Simple Workflow (SWF), Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS) and Amazon EC2 to provide consistency and extensible.
Able to Manage
Amazon Elastic Transcoder enables you so that you can concentrate on your data rather than managing transcoding software in a dispersed AWS cloud-based environment. This service completely takes care of working and balancing administers and system the procedure of maintaining all codes update. Integrated with our precious service of SDKs and API, this creates it quite simpler for you to develop media solutions that will easily use Amazon Elastic Transcoder.
Your data is in your complete control within your own Amazon S3 buckets as they are your resources, which you provide us access through IAM roles. This builds it simple to fit perfectly into your updates security and identity structure without leaving the control. In developing Amazon Elastic Transcoder, we build usage of best security practices prolonged by creating another Amazon Web Services.
With the usage of Amazon S3, Amazon Elastic Transcoder, Amazon CloudFront, you can easily save, transcode, and delivery of your content. During setup in Amazon Elastic Transcoder, the S3 acknowledgment for your Cloud Front allocation, after this, it is a simple 1 phase process to transcode data with Amazon Elastic Transcoder and distribute the various output of videos by continuous downloading or flexible bitrate streaming with AWS CloudFront.
AWS Integrated
Amazon Elastic Transcoder provides an essential media constructing block for developing whole media resolutions on AWS. For example, you can easily use Amazon Glacier also so that you can save the master content, Amazon Elastic Transcoder to transcode command to illustrate for allotment which is stored in Amazon S3, cascade this illustration at different level through the net with the usage of Amazon CloudFront, and recognize the health of your transcoding system with the usage of CloudWatch.

AWS Certified Cloud Service Provider – Viana Labs

As per the definition of the AWS Elastic Transcoder must have given you the important details for building an entire media solution on AWS. For example, how you can save your master content Amazon Elastic Transcoder, store in Amazon S3, stream over internet using the Amazon CloudFront services, and check the health check of the transcoding workflow using CloudWatch.

However, in order to utilize and optimize the AWS services, it is important that your IT team has the skills to manage AWS infrastructure. If you do not have an AWS Certified team then need not separately invest in one. You can hire our AWS certified professionals and get the best in class services at the highly competitive rates. We offer cloud consulting, AWS cloud support and AWS DevOps services for small to large businesses.

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