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Amazon CloudWatch is an observable and monitoring service created for DevOps engineers, site reliability engineers (SREs), developers, and IT managers. Amazon CloudWatch gives you information and actionable insights to observe your applications, answer to, optimize resource utilization, system-wide performance changes and have a consolidated view of operational health. Amazon CloudWatch gathers operational and monitoring data in the form of metrics, logs, and events, which provides you with a consolidated view of AWS support services, resources, and applications that operate on AWS and on-premises servers. You can utilize CloudWatch to observe abnormal behavior in your environments, set alarms, anticipate logs and metrics side by side, take automatically required actions, resolve issues, and disclose insights to keep your applications working smoothly.

Benefits of using AWS CloudWatch

Effortless Observation
Observability on a single platform across different applications and infrastructure
Modernized applications that are running on microservices architectures develop large volumes of information in the form of logs, metrics, and events. Amazon CloudWatch allows you to gather, access, and correlate this information on a single platform from all of the AWS resources, applications, and services that run on AWS and on-premises servers, assisting you to break down data so that you can simply have system-wide visibility and instantly resolve issues.
The simplest way to collect metrics in AWS and on-premises
Observing your AWS resources and applications is quite simple with AWS CloudWatch. It genetically coordinates with more than 70 AWS services like Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon EC2, Amazon ECS, Amazon S3, AWS Lambda, and Amazon EKS and undoubtedly transforms detailed metrics and custom metrics with up to 1-second granularity so that you can go deep within your logs for further context. You can also utilize AWS CloudWatch in hybrid cloud architectures by utilizing the AWS CloudWatch Agent or API to observe your on-premises resources.
Enhanced Backup Compliance
Improved operational performance and resource optimization
Amazon CloudWatch allows you to set alarms and automatically take appropriate actions either based on machine learning algorithms or on predefined thresholds, which analyze anomalous behavior in your metrics. To exemplify, it can begin the Amazon EC2 Autoscaling systematically, or stop an instance to minimize the billing overages. Furthermore you can also utilize CloudWatch Events for serverless to prompt workflows with services like AWS CloudFormation Amazon SNS and AWS Lambda.
Simplified process
Get operational visibility and insight
To enhance performance and resource utilization, you require a consolidated operational view,historical reference, and real-time granular data. AWS CloudWatch provides automatically dashboards, information which is having minimum 1-second granularity, and maximum up to 15 months of metrics storage and retention. Moreover, you can also accomplish metric math within your data to extract utilization and operational insights; for example, you can combine usage across a unified fleet of EC2 instances.
Derive actionable insights from logs
AWS CloudWatch allows you to analyze, explore, and visualize your logs so that you can adjust operational issues with ease. With AWS CloudWatch Logs Insights, you have to pay only for the queries which you operate. It matches your log volume and query complications, providing you answers with the seconds. Additionally, you can also publish log-based metrics, generates alarms, and compare logs and metrics together in AWS CloudWatch Dashboards for entire operational visibility.

Use Cases Achieved with AWS CloudWatch

Infrastructure monitoring and troubleshooting
Observe key metrics and logs, anticipate your application, generate alarms, and compare metrics and logs to figure out and sort the actual root cause of operational issues in your AWS resources. This incorporates observing your container environment across AWS Fargate, Amazon ECS, Kubernetes, and Amazon EKS.
Mean-time-to-resolution development
AWS CloudWatch assists you to compare, visualize, and evaluate metrics and logs so that you can respond instantly to sort out issues and integrate them with trace information from AWS X-Ray for end-to-end observability. Furthermore, you can also determine client’s requests to speed up sorting out issues and debugging and lower down overall mean-time-to-resolution (MTTR).
Proactive resource optimization
AWS CloudWatch alarms examine your metric values against thresholds, which you determine, or AWS CloudWatch develops for you utilizing machine learning designs to observe abnormal behavior. If an alarm is generated, AWS CloudWatch can choose action automatically which allows Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling or stop an instance, to exemplify, this means you can automatically have the capacity and resource planning.
Application monitoring
Observe your application that operates on AWS or on-premises. AWS CloudWatch gathers all the data at each and every layer of the performance stack, which includes logs and metrics on automatic dashboards.
Log analytics
Investigate, analyze, and visualize your logs to report operational issues and enhances application performance. You can execute inquires to assist you instantly and efficiently respond to functional issues. If an issue arises, you can begin querying instantly utilizing a purpose-built query language to instantly diagnose real causes.

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