AWS CloudTrail

AWS CloudTrail

AWS CloudTrail

AWS CloudTrail is a kind of service that empowers governance, functional auditing, risk auditing, and compliance of your AWS account. With AWS CloudTrail, you can sign-in, regularly monitor, and maintain account activity relevant to actions within your AWS infrastructure. AWS CloudTrail gives the history of your AWS account activity, which includes actions that are taken through the AWS SDKs, AWS Management Console and other AWS services. This event history facilitates resource change tracking, security analysis, and troubleshooting. Additionally, you can utilize AWS CloudTrail to identify unexpected activity in your AWS accounts. These capacities assist in facilitating operational issues and troubleshooting.

Benefits of AWS CloudTrail

Streamline compliance
AWS CloudTrail simplifies your compliance audits as it automatically records and stores event logs for proceedings made within your AWS account. Integration with AWS CloudWatch Logs contributes an appropriate way to go through log data, classify out-of-compliance events, quicken occurrence investigations, and accelerate responses to as per auditor requests.
Effortless Observation
Resource activity and Visibility into user
AWS CloudTrail enhances visibility into your client and resource activities by recording API calls and AWS Management Console actions. You can recognize which clients and accounts are known as AWS, the IP address from which all calls were made, and when the calls happened.
Analyzing Security and troubleshooting
With AWS CloudTrail, you can find out and sort out the security and operational issues by picking a complete history of changes that took place in your AWS account within a specific period.
Security automation
AWS CloudTrail authorizes your record and automatically takes action to the account activity which is harmful to the security of your AWS resources. With Amazon CloudWatch integration, you can classify workflows that accomplish when events that can proceed in security susceptibility that are detected. To exemplify, you can develop a workflow to add a particular policy to an Amazon S3 bucket when AWS CloudTrail logs an API call that generates that bucket public.

Use Cases Achieved with AWS CloudTrail

Compliance aid
AWS CloudTrail develops it simpler to make sure about compliance with regulatory standards and internal policies by presenting a history of the activity in your AWS account. To get more information, you can download the AWS compliance whitepaper.
Analyzing Security
You can execute security analysis and identify client behavior patterns by absorbing AWS CloudTrail events into your log management and analytical solutions.
Data Exfiltration
You can identify data exfiltration by gathering activity data on S3 items via object-level API events, which are recorded in AWS CloudTrail. When this activity data is gathered, you can utilize other AWS services, such as AWS Lambda and Amazon CloudWatch Events, to provoke the response process.
Functional Issue Troubleshooting
You can overhaul functional issues by leveraging the AWS API call history, which is developed by AWS CloudTrail. To exemplify, you can promptly look out the latest changes that are done to the resources in your environment, including modification, creation and removal of AWS resources.
Abnormal Activity Detection
You can also identify abnormal activities in your AWS accounts by allowing AWS CloudTrail Insights. To exemplify, you can rapidly alert and act upon the functional issues like faulty spikes in resource provisioning or services striking the limits.

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