AWS Cloud​Formation

AWS Cloud​Formation

AWS Cloud Formation

AWS CloudFormation assist you in providing an easy language for you to model and provisional AWS and third-party application resources in your AWS cloud environment. AWS CloudFormation enables you to use those programming languages or the simplest text file to model and provision in a secured manner, all the resources required for your applications across different areas and accounts. This provides you with an only source of certainty for your third party resources and AWS.

Benefits of AWS Cloud​Formation

Model it all
The major benefit of AWS CloudFormation is that enables you to model your whole application resources and infrastructure with either programming languages or a text file. The AWS CloudFormation CLI and Registry makes it quite simple to handle third party resources with AWS CloudFormation. This provides you with an only source of authenticity for all your resources and assists you in standardizing infrastructure components which are utilized across your association, allowing you to configure compliance and quickly troubleshooting.
Automate & deploy
AWS CloudFormation keeps and stores your application resources in a secure, repeatable manner, recognizing you to develop and reconstruct your applications and infrastructure, without performing any manual actions or writing characterized scripts. AWS CloudFormation takes care of deciding the appropriate operations to execute when handling your stack, organizing them most effectively, and rolls back modify them automatically if a fault is detected.
It's just code
Codification of your infrastructure enables you to take your infrastructure as a code. You can compose it with any code editor, analyzing it into a version controlling system, and analyze the files with team members before using it into production.

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