AWS Polly

AWS Polly

Amazon Polly is that kind of service which changes text into realistic speech, empowering you to develop apps that talk and develop updated categories of speech-enabled products. This is a Text-to-Speech service provider that uses advanced learning technologies to develop a speech that seems like a human voice.

With many reasonable voices over a variety of languages, you can easily pick up the appropriate voice and develop speech empowered applications that function in various nations.

Benefits of using AWS Polly

Common sounding voices
Amazon Polly provides you with a lot of languages and a wide variety of natural-sounding of male and female voices. The adaptable pronunciation of content of Amazon Polly enables you to have a good quality of voice generation for the audience.
Store & redistribute speech
Amazon Polly allows playing the produced speech for unlimited time with no additional fees. You can build up audio files in typical formats like MP3 and OGG, and serve up to them from the AWS cloud or locally with the app for playing it offline.
Real-time streaming
For the transmission of life-like voices and informal experience of the user, it requires regularly speedy response times. Amazon Polly’s API (Application Programming Interface) send back the audio to your application so that in future when you re-send the text as a stream so you can straightforwardly play the voices most easily.
Customised & controlled speech output
Amazon Polly changes the voices to one of the best quality which completely suits your necessities – Amazon Polly assists an SSML and lexicons tag which enables you to easily manage various characteristics of speech, such as pitch, pronunciation, volume, speed rate, and much more.
Effortless Observation
Amazon Polly’s has a very low cost for per character which is converted, pay the amount as per your usage, and replay it unlimited time which completely makes it cost-effective process.

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The detailed information of Amazon Polly must have given you the idea about how it works and how beneficial it is for your business infrastructure. By choosing AWS Polly you can easily change text to speech for large scale workflow. There are many companies who have already implemented and enjoying the benefits of low cost and high-performance computing services.

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