AWS DeepLens

AWS DeepLens

It provides a place for deep learning in the hands of designers, precisely, with a programmable video camera, code, instructional exercises, and pre-trained models developed to grow learning skills.


Get hands-on with deep learning
Study the essentials of deep learning - artificial learning procedure that uses the neural systems to learn and make estimates - through instructional exercises, pc vision tasks, and the genuine world, hands-on assessment with a physical gadget. AWS DeepLens enables you to run profound learning models closely on the camera so that you can look at and take appropriate action on what it sees.
A new way to learn machine learning
AWS DeepLens allows developers of different skill levels to start up with deep learning in less than 10 minutes by providing model activities with a practical, hands-on occurrence which can start running with a single click.
Modified built for deep learning
AWS DeepLens was designed by keeping deep learning in mind. Having more than 100 GFLOPS of calculating control on the gadget, it can process deep learning forecasting on HD videos for real-time.
Create modified models with AMAZON SAGEMAKER
As the AWS management console pattern which is get trained in AMAZON SAGEMAKER can easily be sent to AWS DeepLens with few clicks only.
Broad framework support
Any advanced learning system can be operated by AWS developers, which is containing Caffe and TensorFlow. AWS DeepLens comes up with pre-installed high performance, enhanced and proficient inference engine for deep learning with the utilisation of apache MXNet.
Integrated with AWS
AWS DeepLens integrates with Amazon Rekognition for the advanced image examination, with Amazon Polly to construct speech-empowers projects and Amazon SageMaker for training models. The gadget is also linked up progressively to AWS IoT, AMAZON SNS, Amazon S3, Amazon SQS, Amazon DynamoDB, and much more.
Effortless Observation
Completely programmable
AWS DeepLens is easy to adapt and is programmable with the utilization of AWS Lambda. The advanced learning models in DeepLens operate as a part of an AWS lambda function, providing a familiar programming environment to study with.

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