AWS Ground Station

AWS Ground Station

AWS Ground Station

AWS Ground Station is a comprehensively managed service enabling you to control communication via satellite, data processing, and also operation scaling with zero issues about managing your ground station architecture. Satellites are used for a lot of different purposes, some of them include weather foretelling, providing surface images, video, and communication broadcasting and so on. The idea behind ground stations is that they form the base of global satellite networks. They provide efficient communication from the ground to the satellites. As of today, you will get two choices, you build your own ground stations or get a contract with the official providers to do so. Once the data is downloaded, there would be the need for servers, storage equipment, and other networking devices so that they would be placed in close proximity with the antennas for processing data and transporting them to the satellites.

AWS Ground Stations provides a direct connection to the AWS services offered along with the AWS Global Infrastructure. This would include the low inaction global fiber network situated where the data would be downlinked into the Ground Station. This is advantageous since you would be able to control satellite communications easily. You would also be able to swiftly consume and process satellite data, and repeatedly combine the data with all of your applications working on AWS Cloud. For instance, you would be able to make use of Amazon’s S3 for storing the data. You can then use the Kinesis Data Streams by Amazon for the management of data consumption from satellites.

You can even make use of SageMaker for creating machine learning applications as per your customizations and with respect to your current datasets. AWS Ground Station would help you to save up about 80% of the ground station operation costs by only letting you pay for the duration in which you have used the antenna. It would also be dependent upon the global footprint of the installed ground stations so that data can be downloaded as and when you need it. This will again save up on creating the additional ground station building capital by a huge margin. You don’t have to commit to anything in this case, plus you get the advantage to marginalize your satellite communication on the go and when your company requires it.

Operation of using AWS Ground Station

The AWS Ground Station would be located on the ground and would be managed as a service. The procedure for operation is as shown below,

Onboard and Schedule
You can register and immediately onboard the satellites, locate the contact windows and connect to the satellite.
Command, Control, and Downlink
You can carry out all of them using the Ground Station available at stipulated times available.
Data Reception
You can receive all the satellite data into your Amazon Virtual Private Cloud.
Process and Distribute
The data can now be processed into the cloud and thereby distributed using the AWS Global Infrastructure.

Benefits of using AWS Ground Station

Ground Station as a Service gives you a global footprint of all of the available ground stations that are in close range with the AWS infrastructure areas. With the presence of the AWS Ground Station, you do not need to fret about leasing, constructing and managing the satellite ground stations.
A Trusted Security Partner
AWS is essentially secure. If you are connected with AWS, you would get an additional incentive of benefitting from facility and network infrastructure created to match the requirements of organizations. The AWS Ground Station would provide data security of premium quality with no extra charges.
You only need to pay for the duration of the usage of the antenna. You don’t need to worry about contracts or any hidden charges. One price would be determined, and you can use the global AWS Ground Station network with it.
Swifter Download Speeds
Every AWS Ground Station has two antennas enabling you to download the Satellite data towards the Ground Station antennas that are used around the world, with more than enough speed. The Global Antennae Network provided by AWS gives you a simple satellite arrangement on the go, lets you download the data at unimaginable speeds and processes it whenever you need it with lower delays.
Faster Data Processing
AWS Ground Station would provide close range satellite antennae to the AWS Infrastructure areas. This will ensure lower latency, and minimal costings ensuring direct access to the AWS Services for storage and data processing. The duration required for the same would be reduced considerably, which includes analysis duration taken for weather forecasting and acquiring data regarding any impending natural calamities.
Self Service Scheduling
All of your contacts can be scheduled with the satellite using the Management Console and APIs provided by AWS. Once they are set up, they can even be canceled or postponed 15 minutes before the same.

Use Cases Achieved with AWS Ground Station

Natural Calamities
In the case of any impending natural calamities, data can be analyzed and accordingly downloaded to monitor the number of survivors, any damages that have occurred and communicate the real-time data to the first ones who acknowledged the signal and accordingly rescue them. Data Analysis and Machine Learning results can be applied in this case so that all of the exit routes can be identified and communicated accordingly.
Perfect Weather Predictions
The AWS Cloud can even be utilized for the analysis of weather data coming from the Weather Departments all around the world. This can help understand the patterns, and thereby help out airplanes, trucks, and ships to correct their courses if there is something coming their way. This would essentially help out in saving a lot of lives.
Tracking Current Business Trends
The radar satellite imaging located on multiple business facilities like the parking spaces, logistic centers, and stores can be used to monitor the number of cars, amount of traffic and even the flow of customers whatever the weather conditions there may be. These services can be amalgamated with machine learning and data analytics and this can then be used to track down the essential business trends running in the market as we speak. The data can then be streamed live and would, therefore, help the top brass of the companies in deciding what is best for business.

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