AWS Relational Database Services (RDS)

The purpose of AWS RDS is to simplify the entire process of setting up, operating and scaling the relational database on the cloud platform. The AWS RDS has been designed to provide resizable capacity that is highly cost-effective and automates the administrative tasks like patching, backups, provisioning, and database setup. Basically, it frees you from the application maintenance and monitoring, and enabling a faster application performance, security and compatibility.

The AWS RDS is available on various database instance types for various purposes like memory optimization, performance optimization or I/O. The RDS enables 6 different recognizable database engines from AWS Aurora, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, and SQL server. Whether you want to migrate or duplicate the data from these database to AWS RDS, it can be done seamlessly.

Benefits of AWS Relational Database Services (RDS)

Simplified process
Simplified Management
Right from the project inception to completion, AWS RDS is highly useful in each stage. With the help of RDS you can simplify major tasks using API calls or RDS CLI and create a rationale database ready for production within few minutes. There is no need for infrastructure creation, software installation or database management separately.
Maximum Scalability
Without experiencing any downtime, you can create highly scalable database with few clicks of API calls. With the help of RDS engines, you are free to add as many Read Replicas as you need from the primary database instance.
Highly Durable and Available
AWS RDS works on a similar robust infrastructure just like any other AWS service. Leveraging the robustness of Multi-AZ DB instance which is used by AWS RDS for data management, it duplicates the data on the standby instance on various Availability Zones (AZ). With several other features available in AWS RDS, you can perform significant processes like database production, automated backups, auto-host replacement and generating database snapshots.
Swift and Smart
AWS RDS supports the latest applications and overcomes the advance challenges faced by most organizations. You have the freedom to choose 2 SSD-blocked storage for managing high performance OLTP applications while another for cost-effective purposes. Further, you can also use AWS Aurora for 1/10th cost for maximum performance.
Security Compatibility
With the help of AWS RDS you can seamlessly use the AWS instances for AWS VPN using which you can separate the database instance and encrypt the data with VPN IPsec. Almost all the AWS RDS engine offers encryption at rest and transit.
The best thing about almost all the services of AWS is you need to pay only for the resources you consume. Similarly, in AWS RDS, all you need to pay is for the amount of resources you consume. Additionally, you also have the flexibility of AWS On-Demand pricing without any immediate investment or commitments. You can also reduce the costing using reserved instance pricing.

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