AWS Redshift

If you have large amount of data and need some service that offers easily scalable data warehouse features then you would like to choose AWS Redshift. It is the most cost-efficient and fast performing data warehouse that has the capability to process several parallel queries at the same time. It is highly useful for machine learning, columnar storage, high performance tasks and multiple query projects.

Within few clicks and minutes, you can setup the entire data warehouse and run multiple queries across petabytes of data in the AWS Redshift. The data warehouse and data lake on AWS Redshift is built on Amazon S3 so you can be completely worry free of maintenance, performance and scalability.

Benefits of AWS Redshift

Best Performance
With the help of AWS Redshift, you can expect 10X highly quality performance compared to other data warehouses. It is the most used data warehouse for machine learning, compute optimized, parallel architecture, and get the best caching results.
Cost Efficient
If you are looking for the most cost-efficient data warehouse worth less than 1/10th of the cost of on premise data warehouse then you should choose AWS Redshift. There are no upfront costs or immediate investments, and the good thing is all you need to pay is for the resources that you consume.
Scale-up within Minutes
If your business requirements demands for data warehouse that can seamlessly scale up with the increasing traffic or requests and automatically reduces with the reduction in traffic then AWS Redshift is the apt choice. Apart from scaling up within milliseconds, you can also optimize the cost by just paying for the amount of resources utilized.
Data Lake Queries
If you need unique insights of the data lakes in the warehouse or query independent data in silos, then you can easily manage such data using AWS Redshift without moving the data. With the help of this feature you can seamlessly examine the data across all the data lakes and warehouses using single service.
Highly Secured
It runs different types of mission critical tasks for various business segments like healthcare, services, government organizations and financial sectors. The Redshift database is encrypted with various services like AWS KSM or HSM. It also supports AWS VPC and supports various compliances.

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