AWS Neptune

AWS Neptune is a graph database that is easy to manage and offers high performance with applications that are extremely connected datasets. If you are looking for some database service that comes with millisecond turnaround time and supports purpose built applications then AWS Neptune is all you need. The database supports different types of graph models which includes RDF and property graph as well as the languages like ApacheTinkerPop Gremin and SPARQL. With the help of the AWS Neptune, you can create queries that seamlessly work on the connected datasets. Neptune graphs is majorly used for recommended engines, fraud detection, drug discovery and network security.

With backup of AWS S3, the Neptune is highly accessible and has recovery backup across various Availability Zones. With the help of Neptune, you can manage the HTTP requests from clients and encryption at rest. The best thing about almost all the AWS services is that you need not invest your time in managing them, be it database management, hardware management, software upgrade or backup schedule, etc. Everything is completely managed by Amazon.

Benefits of AWS Neptune

Support For Open Graph APIs
With the help of Neptune, you can seamlessly use open graph APIs for Gremline as well as SPARQL. It also supports the query language for these open graph APIs so you can easily run the queries as per your requirements.
Highly Scalable and Performing
The Neptune graph database has been designed for purpose built and processing applications that offers very less turnaround time. AWS Neptune is available across 3 Availability Zones and thousands of graph queries per second. Based on your requirement changes, you can upscale or downscale within seconds.
Highly Secured
AWS Neptune offers a wide range of security services for the database including network isolation using AWS VPC, HTTPs encryption, IAM authentication, AWS KWS, and database management. In addition, it automatically manages database, backup, snapshots, and imitates in same cluster.
Completely Managed
By using AWS services, be it any including Neptune, you do not have to worry anything about database management. Be it hardware setting, provisioning, data recovery or performance, everything is managed by AWS.
Usage of Graph Database
The AWS Neptune is a purpose-built graph database because of which it can be highly useful for specific use cases like recommendation engines, frauds, social networking, etc. where you can store large amount of data, query to get faster results and maintain changes with the new information.

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