AWS daynamodb

AWS DynamoDB

AWS DynamoDB

AWS DynamoDB is a document and keyvalue based database which scales up within millisecond offering high performance. The DynamoDB, just like its name sounds, is a multi-purpose and multi-facet DB that comes with several functionalities including multi-region database management, back restoration, built-in security features, memory caching, scaling applications, and complete multi-master features. The Dynamo DB comes with a solid capacity of handling more than 20 million requests per second.

There are several brands in the market which has already implemented and benefiting out of AWS DynamoDB services and support. These brands are from various business segments including automobile, realestate listings, ecommerce and more. For mission critical workloads, AWS DynamoDB is an apt service.

The AWS DynamoDB has been utilized by more than 100000 customers which makes it one of the most popular services across the AWS segment. It is highly useful and value for mobile application management, gaming, online advertisements, IoT and various other applications which requires faster turnaround time and easy scale up feature. Automating various processes on its own, all you need to do is build a table for your application and rest will be managed by the DynamoDB.

Major Use cases of DynamoDB

Applications without Servers
AWS DynamoDB is an automated application which does not require any kind of software or server to scale it up or down. It also does not require any kind of server maintenance, and the application is available all the time from any connected place in the world.
Data Storage for Microservices
With the help of DynamoDB, one can create flexible and reusable services for storage and faster performance.
Mobile Backend
By choosing DynamoDB, you can automate certain processes of mobile application development and focus on core areas than maintenance and storage.
Mobile Backend
By choosing DynamoDB, you can automate certain processes of mobile application development and focus on core areas than maintenance and storage.
Gaming and IoT
If you are into building responsive game consoles for mobiles and desktops then with the help of DynamoDB you can make the most dynamic content that you need. Secondly, it is also highly supportive for IoT as it works with other AWS services like Redshift and Quicksight.

Benefits of AWS DynamoDB

Highly Scalable
Highly Scaling Performance
Some of the major applications in the world that experiences large amount of requests and traffic is supported by the AWS DynamoDB. It is the best service of AWS in terms of enabling millisecond scale up facility with maintained performance. You have the flexibility store almost unlimited data and enjoy the same level of throughput with DynamoDB. It is capable of providing you access from any region you are in using the worldwide distributed applications. For networks and use cases which requires millisecond turnaround time, DynamoDB plays a vital role as it also maintains in-memory cache.
Completely Serverless
There is no requirement and it is not patched with any server for managing the operations in DynamoDB. There are no software installed or requires maintenance of the service. The table automatically scales up and it has a solid capacity as well as performance. Built-in functionality like accessibility and fault tolerance enabling you to focus on other areas than developing such in the application. For more than the existing capacity of DynamoDB, you can avail on-demand capacity modes which comes at highly cost-effective rates, and all you need to pay is for the resources you consume.
Ready for Enterprise Platform
Large and continuous transactions are supported by the AWS DynamoDB which is apt for business critical applications that requires maximum scalability. The best thing is each and every data is encrypted by DynamoDB to secure and offers fine grain identity as well as only authorized access. You have complete flexibility and freedom of storing backup of hundreds and thousands of terabytes of data in a click without compromising the quality of performance.

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