AWS DocumentDB

If you are looking for highly scalable, fully managed and always available document database service which supports the MongoDB service then you should choose AWS DocumentDB.

The service of DocumentDB uses Mongo database for storing and retrieving, storing or managing semi structured data. With the help of DocumentDB, you can have the flexibility to create a document DB that can seamlessly scale up and perform extensively to cater hundreds and thousands of read & writes within seconds. Amazon DocumentDB offers you high scalability, performance and availability for making mission-critical workloads.

With the help of DocumentDB, you can seamlessly leverage the benefits of MongoDB API 3.6 as it enables you to use the drivers and tools of MongoDB. The AWS DocumentDB is capable of fault-tolerant, self-healing and distributed storage system that can auto-scale over 64 TB per DB cluster. In AWS DocumentDB, the compute and storage are decoupled so that each component can scale up seamlessly to offer the maximum performance. It has the capacity to answer millions of request per second and offer turnaround time of around 15, regardless of the size of data. Moreover, the DocumentDB is available 99.99% and it has 6 duplicate copies across various AWS availability zones.

Benefits of AWS DocumentDB

Compatible with MongoDB
The AWS DocumentDB works tightly with MongoDB for which it has been well designed to be compatible with it. You can leverage the benefits of using the tools and drivers of MongoDB by choosing DocumentDB. Enhancing the application is as simple as pointing the cluster to new AWS DocumentDB.
Highly Available
The DocumentDB accessibility is 99.99% and the data is copied across 6 duplicate across three AWS availability zones. The automated health checkup process ensures that any mechanical failures, data backup, etc. can be resolved within 30 seconds. Amazon S3 offers 35 days of point-in-time recovery without losing over the performance or causing downtime.
Performance at Scale
The best thing about DocumentDB is it not only automatically scales up as per your data requirements but also is fault-tolerant and self-healing which makes a full-proof document database. It can seamlessly scale more than 64 TB per database cluster and it supports advance query, optimized recovery and MongoDB managed services.
Highly Secured
AWS DocumentDB comes with multi-level security features for database and network separation using services like Amazon VPC, AWS KMS, and AWS TLS. There are also several automated processes like snapshots, imitations on same data cluster, backups, etc. supported by DocumentDB.
Completely Managed
The best thing about almost all the AWS services is you do not have to be worried about the maintenance of the services and applications. All you need to do is just choose the service and resources, and rest of the maintenance is managed by AWS.

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So if you see the features and benefits of AWS DocumentDB, you can understand that is very user friendly and automated application to perform the task to cater thousands of queries within seconds. However, if you want to implement the service of AWS DocumentDB, you need the expertise and understand of how to manage these services.

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