Amazon Web Services Serverless Application Repository

AWS Serverless Application Repository as the name suggests is a service that enables companies, development teams and individual software developers to save, share and pull together required reusable serverless architecture. With the help of AWS serverless application repository, there is no need for cloning, building, packaging, or publishing source code on AWS before implementing it. By choosing the serverless repository of AWS you can seamlessly use the predefined applications in your serverless architecture which will save your time by preventing redundant tasks and ensure industry standard as well as roll out services faster in the market.

In addition to the AWS serverless application repository, if you combine the features of AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) then you can even offer resource level control for each of the applications. This offers the flexibility to share the applications with internal or specific group/individual on external group using AWS accounts. Publishing applications that you have built on external platforms becomes simpler and faster using the AWS serverless application repository.

Further, you can also use the AWS Serverless Application Model (SAM) which offers you the complete packaging of applications as per the template and showcases the AWS resources used in the same. Applications which are shared on public platform also have link to the source codes. AWS serverless application repository is incorporated in the AWS resources so you need not invest separately for it. Enjoy all the benefits in single investment and make the most of it.

Benefits of Amazon Web Services (AWS) Serverless Application Repository

Developing Powerful Applications
By using AWS Serverless AWS application repository you can assemble serverless architectures swiftly and seamlessly using more powerful ways. Combine the power of Serverless Application Repository and AWS SAM to design the reusable serverless as per your requirement to publish privately or publicly.
Managing Applications Made Simple
Using AWS serverless repository for serverless deployments for your pre-built applications, you can save time of your team by avoiding the need to cloning, building, packaging and publishing the source code on AWS. As it works hand-in-hand with AWS SAM and semantic versioning for simplified application management.
Reusable Platform
With AWS Serverless repository you can expand and store to use the same to publish it on private or public with community by reducing the efforts of replication and focusing completely on the development.
Industry Standard Practices
Designed and developed to offer ultramodern architecture and industry standard based architecture, your team can choose and share serverless applications using AWS repository. It also facilitates user permission based access and distribution of applications to defined AWS accounts.

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