Amazon Web Services Lambda


Amazon Lambda has been designed and developed in such a way to enable you run codes without stipulating or managing different servers. The best thing about the AWS Lambda is you can consume the services as and when you need and all you pay is for the time of consumption while running your code, and no additional charges. By choosing Lambda you get the freedom wings to run any kind of code for any kind back applications that you need without any management requirements. The services so automated that when you upload the code, the services automatically manages all the requirements for you and ensures that it is scalable. With the help of Lambda, you can access your code from anywhere in the world just by connecting to internet. Moreover, if multiple teams are working on the same code then Lambda plays a vital role in managing all the versions of codes. In addition, it also offers web as well as mobile app service by which you can even code using your smart device.

What are the different use cases in AWS Lambda?

Processing Data
AWS Lambda can be used to implement codes in response to the triggers generated by the change in the system, user actions or data types. Lambda works with the Amazon Services like S3, DynamoDB, CloudWatch, Kinesis, etc. This enables the programmers to deploy serverless data processing systems.
Real-Time File Processing
By using the AWS S3 services to trigger AWS Lambda, the data can be uploaded right away on real-time. There are various things that you can do using Lambda like transcode videos, aggregate and filter data, validate content, etc. on real-time.
Real-Time Streaming Process
By using AWS Lambda and Kenesis for developing real-time streaming data, generate stream analysis, track activities of the application, filter the logs, and much more. Combined with Kenesis there are several other features that you can leverage using Lambda.
Data Migration
With the help of AWS Lambda you can seamlessly sort, validate, filter and transform the data on the DynamoDB and upload the new range of data.

Benefits of Amazon Web Services (AWS) Lambda

Serverless Management
AWS Lambda enables you to completely focus on writing codes than arranging or managing the infrastructure. It is smart enough to manage your requirements automatically once you upload the codes.
Continuous Scalability
Based on the triggers for each code, AWS Lambda automatically scales the application as per the requirements. Each trigger is scaled individually so the server is scaled up just when it is required.
Subsecond Metering
Using AWS Lambda you can optimize your cost by running short to long codes and you pay only for the amount for the time you consume the services. It is charged for each 100 milliseconds and nothing when it is idle.

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