Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service


Amazon Elastic Kubernets Services (EKS) enables you to organize the containerized applications using Kubernetes on Amazon Web Service. The Kubernetes infrastructure runs using the Amazon EKS by which you can prevent any kind of failure across multiple AWS accessibility zones. Amazon EKS is licensed with Kubernetes by which you have flexibility to utilize any kind of tool or plugins from the open community or partners to enhance your application. As Kubernetes is seamlessly compatible with the Amazon EKS, you can dynamically move to Amazon EKS regardless of any standard your application is running on.

Benefits of Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Services

No Control Plane To Manage
Kubernetes and Amazon EKS work hand-in-hand across various AWS availability zones by which any harmful control nodes identified is automatically replaced and offered new patch. All you need to do is just provide the worker node and add them to the Amazon EKS endpoint.
Secure By Make
The Amazon EKS has been designed and developed to provide encrypted communication channel between the worker nodes and control plane. This makes the Amazon EKS to run it safely and securely.
Built by Community
As mentioned, Amazon EKS works hand-in-hand with Kubernetes community enabling all sorts’ assistance and support to make the best of the combined solutions and enhancing the features.
Compatibility and Conformant
Amazon EKS and Kubernetes are licenses so any application which is run by Amazon EKS is fully compatible and manageable through Kubernetes standard environment.

Different Scenarios and Use Cases

Even for minute services running on AWS services, you have the flexibility to use the complete suite of Kubernetes tools and functionalities.
Deploying Hybrid Containers
Run highly scalable and accessible Kubernete clusters on AWS platform and you will complete compatibility with all your deployments that are running somewhere else.
Large Processes
You can run Batch processes seamlessly on EKS cluster using the Kubernetes API on different instances of EC2.
Migrating Applications
You can easily migrate your existing infrastructure by converting it into containers and seamlessly unbundle it on Amazon EKS without the need of tooling or recoding.

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