Amazon Elastic Container Services


Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) is high performing and scalable container orchestration service that works with Docker containers and allows you to seamlessly run and scale up containerized applications on the Amazon Web Service platform. You do not need your own orchestration software by using the Amazon ECS service. You can install, manage, scale and orchestrate your own containers on the multiple VMs or schedule containers over the VM using the ECS. In addition, it also allows you to make service level calls through APIs for launching or stopping the Docker enabled applications as well as run query for total state of the applications. There are several other functions which can be performed using ECS are access multiple IAM roles, balancing the load, using AWS Cloudformation templates, security groups, Amazon CloudWatch events and AWS CloudTrail logs.

When should you use Amazon Elastic Container Service?

As Amazon ECS is incorporated with the AWS services, if you are planning for continual integration and pipelines for deployments then for such micro-services Amazon ECS is ideal.
Batch Processing
With the help of Amazon ECS, you can run batch workloads using controlled or custom schedulers. Different types of instances can be used through EC2 including on-demand, spot and reserved instances.
Migrating Application to Cloud
In order to containerize legacy system to cloud environment using Amazon ECS becomes much simpler and faster as it does not need code changes.
Machine Learning
Choosing Amazon ECS makes it easier to containerize the ML modes for training as well as interference. ML modes can be loosely coupled, distributed services which can be located on various platforms or close to the data in which applications can be examined.

Benefits of Using Amazon ECS

Serverless Containers
Amazon ECS is characterized on Amazon Fargate by which you do not need any servers to create and manage containers. Fargate majorly focuses on facilitating you to build and run the applications and not the basic infrastructure. So in order to run containers, schedule containers on clusters and maintain the availability, etc. you do not need Amazon EC2 instances.
Containerize Anything – Everything
With the help of Amazon ECS, you can simply build any type of containerized applications including microservices as well as long running apps. It can also manage batch jobs and machine learning so you can seamlessly containerize on-premise applications to cloud from Windows or Linux systems and use it on Amazon ECS.
In order to use the Amazon VPC network, the Amazon ECS services initiate the containers so that you can access the VPC network. With the help of Amazon IAM services you can define granular level of ACL for each container and make them more secured to access.
Highly Scalable
The AWS cloud platform and its services have been designed to easily accommodate large volume of services, data and applications. So using Amazon ECS you can launch hundreds and thousands of Docker containers within minutes.
AWS Integration
Amazon ECS is tightly coupled with Amazon Elastic Load Balancing, AWS Batch, CloudWatch, CodeStar, CloudFormation, CloudTrail, ECR and VPC. With the help of this you can run a wide range of containers and build a complete solution using the various services.

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