Amazon Web Services EC2

Amazon EC2 provides secured and scalable capacity on AWS cloud. With the help of EC2, scaling cloud computing becomes much simpler and faster for the AWS developers. Amazon EC2 is one of the most popular and easy to use application of AWS which offers seamless interface enabling developers to capacity with minimal friction. By choosing EC2, you can get the complete control over your computing resources and allow you to run the application over the Amazon’s standard computing environment. With the changes required in the computing while the system scales or boots up, EC2 makes the entire process simple by allowing instances to boot up within minutes and rapidly scale up – down. Amazon EC2 enables you to optimize the cost for the capacity that has been utilized and offers a wide range of instruments using which developers can seamlessly develop applications that are failure proof and durable.

Benefits of AWS EC2

Elastic Web Scale Computing
With the help of AWS EC2 one can seamlessly maximize or minimize the capacity within minutes. At the same time you can also run hundreds or thousands of server instances. AWS EC2 auto scaling can also be used to keep up the availability of the EC2 fleet mechanically scaling up or down depending on the requirements and managing the costs. For scaling multiple services, AWS EC2 auto scaling can be used.
Complete Control
With the EC2 you can complete control over the instances including the root access and capacity to control them. Any instance can be stopped while maintaining the data on the boot partition and the same instance can be restarted using the AWS APIs.
Cloud Hosting Services
Amazon EC2 enables you to configure the resources as per your business requirements including the CPU, Storage, Boot partition in size, memory and instances. There are various instance types, software packages as well as operating system to choose from on EC2.
Integrations and Management
Amazon EC2 is integrated with majority of AWS services like the RDS, S3, and AWS VPC which enables a secured computing, high performance and fast processing cloud storage system for a wide range of applications.
Complete Reliability
AWS EC2 is highly reliable environment where multiple substitute instances can be deployed. The EC2 works on the standard infrastructure of AWS data center and network which offers high reliability. As per the service level agreement of AWS, it offers 99.99% availability on each AWS EC2 region.
The top most priority on AWS cloud is the security of data for which the entire concept of cloud computing has emerged. So, the AWS has designed and developed such a network architecture that meets the requirements of even the most-sensitive data organizations. In order to offer robust security features, EC2 works with AWS VPC for all compute resources.
Cost Effective
AWS is highly cost effective as you just pay for the services and instances that you consume. And if you are reducing the consumption then the cost also automatically reduces and you can optimize the cost.
Easy to Launch
Launching your applications on cloud is seamless using AWS as it has all the required resources, infrastructure and instances to scale up without major investment. And it is easy to access so you can use CLI based tools and manage the console. The best thing about AWS is it is free to start with.

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