Advantages of Migrating WordPress Website to Amazon Web Services (AWS)


Advantages of Migrating WordPress Website to Amazon Web Services (AWS)

AWS is a common name in the current technological industry which is also the only complete cloud solution platform available in the market. We have discussed earlier about what are the benefits of moving your on premise infrastructure to cloud. In this post, we would be specifically discussing about moving large scale WordPress websites on cloud can benefit the customers and your website visitors.

28% of the websites in the world are designed and developed over WordPress and without the right security or hosting platform it can become vulnerable. It is one of the largest blogging tool as well as website platform which has been used by large companies like Walt Disney, BBC America, Tech Crunch, MTV and many more.

However due to large volume of content, plugins and customization with the themes can reduce the overall performance as well as reliability of the platform. Hosting WordPress websites, be it blog website, e-commerce or dynamic enterprise website, can achieve great performance, gain complete control, and scale-up to provide reliability on cloud platform.

Here are some of the major advantages of moving your WordPress websites to AWS:

1. Performance

If you are using WordPress platform for ecommerce or similar business platform which is loaded with lot of content, heavy plugins, themes which eat up lot of memory or overloading database then in such case the website performance drastically reduces to derail the user experience. This effect sometimes remains inevitable even after proper cleanup of the website, especially when the website hardware is not upgradable or boosting the hardware performance is not possible.

In such scenario, moving from existing hardware setup to large scale cloud platform is like a complete freedom of space and performance for the business owners. The overall performance of the website is enhanced, end users get faster response and the customer credibility increases resulting it better ROI. As per our experience, we have seen that customers trying to migrate their existing WordPress website to cloud can be become challenging task without the technical know-how so choosing a reliable cloud service provider is important. Because designing the environment, envisaging your future requirements and adding right setup for the website is important in such case.

2. Control

Due to the lack of control with the several WordPress hosting service providers in the market, we have seen several customers had bad experiences with such hosting providers. Yes, there are some service providers who provide offer control and manage as per the customer needs. However, when it comes to business, there should not be any compromise is what we feel. And most of the customers without complete technical knowledge are completely dependent on the hosting providers which leads to inaccessibility or limited accessibility to the server. For example, some of the hosting providers do support SSL certificate installation and while only support FTP/SFTP file transfer which is no so user friendly.

By choosing AWS cloud platform to host your WordPress website, you not only gain complete access to your server but also DNS server, email server, file transfer, backup, SSL and so many things. You will have the complete freedom to manage it yourself and configure as per your business requirements.

3. Scalability and Reliability

AWS is a cost-effective and highly suggested cloud platform which offers pay as you grow setup. In simple word, you can choose the required setup as per your current business requirements and gradually when the number of users, content, plugins, etc. increase you can move to better setup with minimal addition to existing cost.

Moreover, AWS is highly secured and reliable across the globe. There are datacenters across the world which keeps your data highly secured and backed up to restore whenever needed. AWS is the only company in the world which has maximum number of cloud clients and offering better support and security is imperative.

4. Migration

Now the final question is how to migrate your WordPress website to AWS? So there are different ways to migrate and multiple steps involved in it. All the website pages, content, posts, products, XML, tools, applications, etc. need to migrate to the cloud environment. Just like every business is different, even WordPress website is also different and it requires different approach to ensure proper migration.

Though it is not time consuming but critical enough to make permanent damage to your website and business by migrating it without technical know-how. Either you can hire cloud consultant on hourly basis or choose an experienced team to manage your website and cloud infrastructure for long term.

Choose the best team to get the best results for your business!