About Us

We supply Digital Inks for Textile Printing, Plastics, Ceramics & Paper Industry.

Our Digital Inks salt content is in range of 100-300 PPM. Other heavy metals and ionic impurity less than 25 PPM, as per the dye structure.

Company Overview

We emphasize on quality, reliability and ethical business practices.

  • Our groups beginning was in 1978 with Acid and Direct dyes manufacturing as Dispo Dye Chem.
  • In 1992, a new company was formed as DIntex Dyechem Ltd to start integrated manufacturing of Dyes Intermediates with capacity 3600 MTPA.
  • With years of experience in business, Viana Labs LLP was formed n 2018 for dealing in Digital Textile Printing Inks, Digital Inks for Plastics, Ceramics & Paper Industry.

Viana Labs strive on four principles with focus on quality products & services to customers with professional competences. 

  • Customer obsession.
  • Passion for new products.
  • Commitment to operational excellence.
  • Long-term thinking.
  • Intending to become a leading digital inks supplier for Textile Printing, Plastics, Ceramics & Paper Industry.
  • Develop new markets and products to expand business in Digital Inks.
  • Serve as effective instrument of partner/public policy and social responsibility.