6 Unique Things You Might Not Know About AWS Lambda

6 Unique Things You Might Not Know About AWS Lambda

6 Unique Things You Might Not Know About AWS Lambda

AWS Lambda is one of the most famous serverless computing service and answer to many challenges faced by businesses. The simple concept of serverless computing service is to create a network for variety of purposes without the need to maintain and manage expensive servers.

If you are choosing AWS Lambda then you have the most high class serverless service in its range for computing. Setting-up and managing AWS Lambda is seamless and easy to access. You can focus developing the application or software on cloud than managing the resources, hardware, etc. Best thing about AWS infrastructure is it is fully managed by Amazon and you just have to pay only for the consumption of the resources.

What You Should Know About AWS Lambda

AWS Lambda is the most chosen and top most potent serverless computing service in the market currently. Below are the major reasons that makes AWS Lambda a powerhouse of cloud services. There are several other reasons but below are some of the least known reasons.

Almost All Programming Languages Supported

AWS Lambda is compatible to work with a wide range of programming languages including Node.js, Python, Java, Go, and C# which some of the most common programming languages used by developers.

With this flexibility of computability with multiple programming languages, AWS Lambda offers the freedom to all developers to juggle between different software languages seamlessly as per their requirements. It offers a comfortable and automated home to developers by which they can focus on programming than other configurations.

Pay Only For What You Use

This is a well-known fact that using AWS service is not chargeable but it charges very nominal for the amount of consumption. The model of pricing has been designed in such a way that small to large organizations can easily fit in based on their resource consumption and get same quality of service. Instead of bundling multiple services, Amazon only charges for the specific services that you use and on top of that if you optimize the services you can further optimize the cost as per your business requirements.

In simple words, if your code is more efficient then your pricing will also be optimally charged. You can easily save your money and time. Business owners should persuade their developers to choose more powerful programing form so that you can save maximum.

No Infrastructure Management Required

A majority of time, business owners invest their time and money in procuring, implementing and managing the systems. This leaves the developers and business owners lose their time for fresh development. So with the help of AWS serverless Lambda such issues are completely removed. By choosing AWS services you do not have to maintain, upgrade or fix anything as it is completely managed by Amazon team. You and your team can focus on development or managing the process.

Online Editing

The standard procedure of development and deployment was as per the traditional methods in these services as well. The working process using AWS Lambda it remains same but if you are using JavaScript or Python as your programming then you have the flexibility to access the editing platform using web browser. This is highly flexible infrastructure which enables you to seamlessly access your codes and edit them from any mobile or laptop device. At the same time you can seamlessly secure these changes back in the source through management console.

Environment Variables

AWS Lambda comes with environment variables tool which is used when you are dealing with various configurations. With the help of environment variables your tag and categorize a large amount of configuration details. This helps you in keeping all the variables diligent and tracking the variables as per your required configuration.

API Gateway and Connection Points

AWS Lambda is like the heart of the part for various other structure and services in case of cloud platforms. With the help of API gateway your cloud services becomes interconnected with various other web access functions.

Creating custom processes with the help of API gateway and managing the data flow in addition to configurations and setups is easier. API gateway has been designed to interlink with all.


These are some of the major facts that you would like to know about AWS Lambda before using it. If you are planning to migrate your infrastructure to cloud or need AWS experts who can assist you with the same then contact us at partners@vianalabs.com. We have dedicated team of AWS professionals to assist you with end-to-end managed cloud services.