6 Things You Should Check Before Choosing Managed Cloud Service Provider


6 Things You Should Check Before Choosing Managed Cloud Service Provider

As per the recent reports by Markets & Markets on cloud services says that “the managed services market size is projected to grow from 27.5 billion in 2017 to 53.78 billion by 2022 at expected CAGR of 14.6%.” So the simple thing to understand is that the market size of any technology platform grows only when the entire market or segments of the market move with the trend. In simple words, managed cloud services has already been adapted by several small to large enterprises and rest are following gradually.

So what is managed cloud services and why are companies moving towards it?

Before dig deeper on this topic, first let’s accept that today, all the companies are running on information and based on the data availability, the entire circle happens. If there is data loss, threat to data or sudden downtime then probably the source to destination cycle will abruptly stop. In order to curb the data threats and loss, technological advances has enabled companies to move to cloud which is much cheaper, secured and highly scalable solution compared to local data management.

The cloud architecture and platform is huge segment in itself to be explored and define its potential. It requires expertise and experience for designing the right environment based on your business, architecture, applications, processes, maintenance and security. Moving to cloud from local systems is the right decision that can positively impact your business. Some companies have internal cloud management teams while companies which do not, they hire managed cloud service providers with strong portfolio and experience. But, the question is whether all the players that are available in market right for you?

How to evaluate your cloud managed service provider?

The answer to this question, or we say, how you can evaluate the companies, is what this post about. Based on certain parameters, you can choose the right team for your business requirements.

1. Team Size

The reason why we have highlighted the very first point on team size is because unlike any website development, cloud computing services is not a job a single person or one day task. It needs proper planning, team to manage multiple aspects and expertise in the field.

Even if the company has a large team, it is important that the cloud engineers are certified, experienced and have the skills to handle designing, development and management of cloud platforms. Based on the business requirements, it is possible that the team may have to handle single or multi-cloud platforms, so it should be seen as an asset if the team is capable of handling multi-cloud projects.

3. Experience is Strength

Each day new companies shout loud that they are the experts in cloud managed platforms. However, their experience speaks about their experience to handle complex networks and all facets of the cloud computing services. Companies which can offer right from designing architecture to migration, Devops and maintenance is an asset as you do not have to deal with multiple vendors for the same project.

4. Service Management

The purpose of the Managed Service Providers is to ensure that your existing services are uninterrupted and the same time enhance the capabilities of the system through continuous improvements.

5. Industry Best Practices

It is important to know if the company follows the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) guidelines to offer solutions to clients. ITIL are the best practices guidelines defined for the IT service management segment.

6. SLA Based Performance

The service provider should be able to provide you the SLA agreement which showcases measurable performance guidelines. It is kind of a blueprint of the service that will be offered by them and it protects your company’s assets and reputation.


If you wish to choose to get the best results for your company then always choose the best team. These are some of the important and evaluation parameters that we normally suggest all our customers and clients. Being one of the experienced players in the market, it is important that we highlight the points for the companies looking for good cloud managed service providers.