6 Reasons why you should move your WordPress Site to Cloud?

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6 Reasons why you should move your WordPress Site to Cloud?

WordPress is the most popular content management system in the world currently and it is a dynamic platform which can be used for developing a wide range of websites and customized as per the business requirements. Who uses it? Well, some of the world famous businesses like Techcrunch, BBC America, Best Buy, eBay and many such enterprises use WordPress. The platform of WordPress is like a Ferrari that has the potential to run at a speed that would make you fall in love with it, but provided if you choose the right gas. It depends on you whether you want to use standard gas or special gas that transforms its pace.

Websites built on WordPress platform has a great potential to scale up and requires powerful backup system to support the scalability and performance. Cloud platform combined with WordPress offers a perfect combination for businesses. There are several advantages of migrating WordPress websites to cloud including the affordability, flexibility and scalability. The website not only becomes faster and mobile ready but also the security and search engine optimization becomes amazingly effective. Moreover, if you want to implement business applications to offer personalized offerings to users then cloud technology is the best choice.

Some of the major reasons why you should move your WordPress to Cloud platform are:

Simple and Swift to Migrate

There are more than one reason to migrate your WordPress website to cloud but the most important is that it is much simple and fast to migrate the website. The maintenance and technical administration is also much better than the local hosting or management.

Integrate and Uptime

Integrating with legacy business systems, components and applications is easy using expert team by your side. Physical servers get crashed and collapse the overall operations of the website, and Cloud is not a physical server. Built on various distributed servers, practically it is not possible for all the servers to get crashed. However, even during any server failure, there will always be another server to cater the requests so your uptime will be constant.

Faster Speed

Built on Content Delivery Network (CDN) principles, the website speed increases significantly which enables better performance resulting in customer satisfaction. Moreover, speed of website also effectively enhances your online optimization, so better ranking.

Highly Scalable

When it comes to cloud then scalability is one of the most attractive thing. Regardless of how many users, traffic or volume you have. Just choose the required components, applications and servers when you have a spike in traffic, cloud delivers the resources immediately. Cloud scalability is simply matchless.

Most Secured

WordPress being a Content Management System (CMS) with limited security features, using a cloud platform you will get effective firewalls, malware scans, access rules, defense mechanism for DDoS, and much more. You can also customize as per your requirements to enhance the security of the data.


It is a common myth that cloud platform is costlier than local hosting, in fact with amount of flexibility and freedom available with cloud, it is the cost-effective option that business owners would like to avail.

The benefits of moving your WordPress websites are unending but these are some of the major benefits that we think will be useful to you. If you are looking for more information or understand the process of migrating WordPress to cloud then keep us posted. Our team of experts will get back to you with the suitable solutions.